Scary Mermaid Halloween Makeup

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Become a scary mermaid by following these easy steps. This make up is perfect for any fancy dress occasion or a Halloween party! 

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Scary Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Begin by painting the eyelids, teeth and also plan the position of the body using Fusion white with a round no 6 brush. 
Next outline the eyes, teeth and body using Fusion black with a round number 2 brush. Use metallic dark blue powder around the eye sockets, blend with the lighter blue and then highlight the brow bone with gold powder. 
Paint the mermaid's tail using Oriental Times onestroke and a short angled 3/4 brush. Using the round number 2 brush again with black face paint, add some shells for the mermaids bra. 
Paint the area around the mermaids body and the sides of the neck black using a flat number 12 brush. Paint the shells white using a round number 6 brush and then shade with black powder and a dry brush. ( I used the flower power Bush for this) 
Add Seabreeze onestroke using a 3/4 short angled flat brush to create water around the mermaid. 
Scary Mermaid Halloween Makeup
Use a scale stencil in the centre of the forehead and mermaid tail and add white teardrops to the face and around the mermaids body. Paint the lips red using a round number 6 brush. 
Finally use a round number 2 brush to add white highlights to the lips and then add some Superstar glitter gell to the sides of the face and mermaids tail, cover this with chunky glitter ( I used Aqua bubbles by Glitter envy) 
To complete the look add a long wig. 
Scary Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Products Used:

Loew-Cornell Round Number 2 and 6 Brush
Teardrop Brush, Paintpal by Silly Farm
Flat number 12 Brush by Andrea Rich
Short Angled 3/4 Brush
Flower Power Brush by Paintpal 
Seabreeze Onestroke by Diamond FX 
Oriental Times Onestroke by Diamond FX 
Black Facepaint by Fusion
White Facepaint by Fusion
Glitter Gel by Superstar
Black, Gold, Dark Metallic Blue ColorMePro by Elisa Griffith 
Scale Stencil
Aqua Bubbles Chunky Glitter by Glitter Envy
Red by Diamond FX 
Wig from Watson's Wigs

I hope you found this blog useful, stay tuned for more! 

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