Scary Santa Makeup Design

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Follow these steps to create your own scary Santa makeup design! It's probably best to keep away for any young children while you are wearing it though, as it is quite scary!
Scary Santa Makeup Design


Step 1: The Teeth

Scary Santa Teeth
I began by making the teeth using false nails and layers of tissue paper with liquid latex. I made the teeth look jagged by cutting the nails using scissors. 
To reduce the time of the makeup, I pre- painted the prosthetic using Diamond FX Red with a round number 3 brush for the gums and Diamond Fx white and a round number 2 brush for the teeth. Once the paint was dry, I applied a layer of liquid latex using a old brush (this will protect the paint)

Step 2: The Beard

Scary Santa Beard

Next I cut my false beard into two pieces, so it moved with my jaw. When cutting my beard, I saved everything so that I could use it for the eyebrows. I was then ready to start applying the make-up! 

Step 3: The Eyebrows

Scary Santa Eyebrows

I covered my eyebrows with a non toxic glue stick and then added a thick layer of translucent powder over the glue. I repeated this process so that I was satisfied my eyebrows were protected. I stuck the fluffy eyebrows on using liquid latex. 

Step 4: The Wrinkles

Scary Santa Wrinkles
Next I applied Mehron cream foundation using a makeup sponge and then added wrinkles using the dark brown from my Kryolan Zombie wheel, with a round number 1 brush. 

Step 5: The Nose

 Scary Santa Nose
I decided that my nose is too thin for Santa, so I used a prosthetic I'd previously made (this was made with tissue and liquid latex). I used Pros Aide to stick the nose and teeth to my face.  It's best to leave it to become tacky before applying to the face. Usually I would add a few layers of tissue and liquid latex around the edges so that the prosthetic is completely secure. This also blends the edges. And I would definitely recommend this for long periods of time. But pros-aide is strong enough to hold a prosthetic on its own. 
Once the nose was completely stuck, I  blended it by sponging Mehron cream foundation and applying a layer of translucent powder to fix. I added Kryolan HD blood to the gums and teeth for added gore, using a round number 3 brush.

Step 6: The Mustache

Scary Santa Moustache
To fix the mustache and beard I applied Pros-aide to the back and waited till it became tacky before applying it to my face. 

Step 7:

Scary Santa Makeup Design

I finished the make- by applying "Bloody Rose" and "Midnight Sky" from my Mehron ProColorRing around my eyes, using a make up wedge sponge. I then added HD blood to the beard and in any gaps around my mouth. 

Product List

False Nails
Liquid Latex - Kryolan 
Tissue Paper 
Cotton buds or old brushes for applying pros-aide and liquid latex
False Santa Beard 
Non toxic glue stick
Translucent powder - Grimas 
Prosthetic nose - made by me 
Bloody rose - Mehron ProColorRing 
Kryolan HD Blood
This was a really funny make-up which I'd definitely recommend trying! 
For more of my work, stay tuned or follow me on YouTube @Carolines face painting, and Instagram @carolines_face_painting twitter @carolinesfaces07.

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