Scary Witch Halloween Makeup With SFX

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Witches are always a popular choice for any Halloween event! For this blog, I wanted my witch to be different from the usual green style, so I decided to research the different witchcraft symbols. Follow these steps to create your own scary witch Halloween Makeup. 

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup

I began by painting the witch's star on my forehead, using red face paint by Kraze FX  with a number 3 brush. Next I built up layers of liquid latex and tissue paper around the edges and in the middle of the star, using a cotton bud to apply the latex as this can be thrown away after use. I ensured that I kept any latex away from my eyebrows, otherwise they would need to be protected. This process is explained in many of my other blogs if needed. 

Step 2

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup

To give myself a pale complexion, I loaded a teardrop sponge with white face paint and applied it to my face and neck. I used black powder with my Paradise  brush to add shading to all the areas I wanted to change on my face ( ie, down the sides of my nose, cheekbones, eyes, forehead etc). I also added some shadows inside the witch's star to create depth. 

Step 3

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup

For the finer lines on my face and neck, I loaded my number 3 brush with the brown from my Kryolan Zombie wheel and used the very tip of the brush. ( If your brush does not have a fine point, I would recommend using a number 1 or 0 brush.)  I also used this brush to paint the position of where I wanted my Witches mouth to be. I wanted the witch's star to look sore and realistic, so I added some small amounts of Fresh Scratch by Kryolan. I used an Orange stick to apply this. 
I have tried lots of different wound fillers, but Fresh scratch is by far my favorite. 

Step 4

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup

Next I loaded my round number 5 brush with white face paint and added a few teeth to my witch's mouth. Then using the same brush I reloaded with pink by Diamond FX and painted the gums inside of the mouth. To paint the black inside the mouth, I used my number 3 brush again and then used the tip of the brush to create some deeper wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. 

Step 5

Scary Witch Halloween Makeup

To finish the look, I loaded my number 3 brush with Blood Red by Diamond FX and added some sexy lips to my Witches mouth. Then finally I put on a long Black wig and Witches hat.  I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! 

Products Used:

Liquid Latex by Kryolan
Paradise AQ 818 Brush (or any Filbert brush) 
Black Wig
Witch's Hat
If you would like to see more of my work here are the links to my pages. Instagram @carolines_face_painting
Facebook : Carolines Face Painting
YouTube : Carolines face painting 
Twitter @carolinesfaces07 

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