Sewn Together Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Sewn Together Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup by Caroline Healy
There are a lot of examples of stitched together skin on the internet. Here's my take on a severed zombie arm. Follow these steps and give it a try!

Product list:
Mehron Bruise ProColoRing
    colours used: Spanish Olive, Maize Yellow, Burnt Maroon
Kryolan Dermacolor Light Mini Palette 16
    colours used: A12 (darkest), A 15 and A11 (mediums), A10 (lightest)
    Substitute: Diamond FX Skin Tone Palette
Mehron Translucent Setting Powder
Eliza Griffith Black Powder
Diamond FX Monster Palette
    colours used: Blood Red
Diamond FX Black, White
Vermilion FX Drying Blood Dark/Oxblood
Kryolan Fresh Scratch
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Diamond FX Flat Brush, Df-2 (sub TAG Round Number 2)
Paint Pal Swirl Brush number 1
Mehron Kabuki Brush (for powder)
Loew-Cornell Round Brushes, number 1, 3 and 5
Eyeshadow Brush
Sillyfarm Teardrop Brush (for black, any brush would be fine)
Old Brush (for blood)

Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 1 by Caroline Healy
I began by painting selected parts of my hand Spanish olive, from my Mehron bruise ring, using my Df-2 brush.

Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 2 by Caroline Healy
For most of the skin tone patches I used my Dermacolor mini palette by Kryolan. I started with the lightest shade which was A10, using my Loew-Cornell number 3 round brush.

Next I used the darkest shade in the Dermacolor palette which was A12, I continued to use the same round number 3 brush.

As I used oil based products, I fixed them with Mehron translucent setting powder, with a kabuki brush.

Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 3 by Caroline Healy
Next I used a medium skin tone (A11) and number 3 brush to paint more patches on my hand and arm and A15 on parts of my fingers. Again I fixed these shades with powder as before.

I painted some blocks of Diamond FX regular brown, using a number 5 round brush.

Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 4 by Caroline Healy
Then added Maize yellow to some areas and also in areas on top of the previously painted green patches.

I began to outline each patch with Burn maroon, from my bruise ring, using a party explosion number 3 brush.

Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 5 by Caroline Healy
Using blood red face paint from my Diamond FX Monster Palette, I marked out where the arm would 'end'  and also outlined each patch more.

I also added shading with black powder, using an eyeshadow brush.


Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 6 by Caroline Healy
Next I highlighted using Diamond FX white and a number 5 brush ( I was able to paint over the oil based products as I made sure the were properly set with powder beforehand).

I then painted a white circle at the bottom of my arm, to appear as bone.

To add more shadows to the patches I used a number 1 brush and Diamond FX black.

I painted around the 'bone' using DFX blood red and a number 5 brush.


Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 7 by Caroline Healy
To remove the rest of my arm from vision I used Diamond FX black with a teardrop brush from Sillyfarm.

In the centre of the 'bone' I used Maize yellow with my DF-2 brush again.


Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup 8 by Caroline Healy
On top of the blood red paint , I added thick dark oxblood by Vermilion for a more realistic shine.

I painted stitches joining the patches using Diamond FX black and my number 1 brush.


Severed Zombie Arm FX Makeup by Caroline Healy
I highlighted the stitches using Diamond FX white with a number 1 swirl brush.

Finally I added Vermilion FX drying dark blood to the areas between the paint d stitches and then fresh scratch over areas at the bottom of my arm.

I hope you found this blog useful for more of my work follow me on Instagram carolines_face_painting or Caroline's face painting on Facebook.

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