Skeleton how to body and face design

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Skeleton how to

Nothing is quite a classic for spooky costumes as a skeleton! 

Woman with skeleton face art smoking over black background, conceptual photo



1.  Make sure you start with a clean face, with no makeup or dirt. Pull back hair to keep out of the way.
2.   Have all your supplies, tools, paints, brushes, and references, organized and within arms reach.


1. Make sure to use FDA approved face and body paints. Never use acrylic paints or paints that are not intended for use on the skin.  

2. Use tools that are better quality, especially brushes. It makes a difference! 


Colors Used In This Picture:


1. Start by taking the high density sponge, and dipping completely in your water. Squeeze excess water from the sponge. Load your sponge with the white face paint by dabbing the sponge across the top of the paint. 

2.  Starting at the top of the forehead with your white, work your way down by dabbing the sponge back and forth, covering all along the jaw, edges of the hairline, neck, and chest. Make sure to get the lips and underneath the nose. 

3.  Take your large brush and using Black face paint, gently outline where you want to put the eye sockets, and around where you want to fill in for the nose as well.  For the checks draw an partial circle around the jawbone on each side of the face.  Fill in the outline for the eye sockets using your brush, gently go over and under the eyes, and eyelids.  Fill in the outline for the nose as well. 

4.  Starting with the center of the top lip, draw a vertical line going down both lines and continuing past the lines a small amount. Continue to draw vertical lines evenly spaced across the lips.. If you draw three lines on the right side, then draw three lines on the left as well. 

4. Using the edge of your sponge, load with black face paint. Starting at the bottom of your design, and in the middle, of the chest draw thick, long horizontal lines to make the ribs of the cage.  Continue this on both sides, spacing the lines out evenly. Continue up the neck till you reach the jaw line. 

Now you are a skeleton! Wha ha ha

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