Skin Texture: Sonic the Hedgehog Fur Texture by PTBarpun

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How does Sonic get that multilayered silky smooth fur? Today you find out! You'll need your nifty makeup stipple brush and a buncha blue! Gotta go fast? This is an easy paint!

Sonic the Hedgehog Fur Texture Tutorial

1. Use white paint on a detail brush to map out the basic Sonic design.

2. Fill in center of face and chest with white (lightly, so slightly watered down white paint) and use a cosmetic stipple brush (usually looks like black bristles with white at the very tips!) with a vibrant blue to put down your blue base.

3.Use stipple brush sloppily in short swipes, be very careful to only apply light pressure to maintain the fur effect. Do these swipes with a pale blue, darker blue and white all over blue areas to create multilayered effect. Paint nose black and add white swipe on top.. Lightly swipe on light brown and white paint onto center of face. 

4. Intensify! Add dark brown swipes to face, grey swipes to chest, black and more white swipes to blue areas. Add white line to bottom lip. Ta daaa!!

Products Used:

Mehron paradise paints in black
Mehron paradise paints in white
Mehron paradise paints in light blue
Mehron paradise paints in dark blue
Mehron paradise paints in grey
Stipple makeup brush
Detail brush

Sonic the Hedgehog Skin Texture

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