Smokey Teal and Gold Glam Skull by PTBarpun

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First, check that you're feelin' sassy enough to do skull makeup. Yup, I  got it covered!


Now paint on a black turtle neck and turn into a teal Smurf. I personally prefer using a beauty blender to get even coverage when I apply paints as light as Smurf shades.


I turned into a beauty guru Smurf by mixing some white paint into the teal, and using the beauty blender to highlight the high points of my face, leaving the tip of my nose untouched.


Then I turned into a goth Smurf by first painting kinda whale-shaped black holes on my eyes, and a fat triangle on my nose, I set these and made them more intense by packing on black eye shadow on top of the paint. The eye shadow will also prevent the paint from creasing on your eyes.


I made some quick teeth on the cheeks using a thin brush and brown paint


Using the same thin brush I used black paint (slightly watered down) and extended wisps from every black hole I painted. Thinner/shorter wisps closer to the center of my face and a longer on the outside.

Used the same thin brush paint my lips black, with very pointed upper lip.


Shading with brown eyeshadow on an angled brush around the teeth.


Added a couple short swipes of white onto the lips, and put a light coat of white paint onto the teeth.


Finally, used gold paint to swipes around the lips, the edges of some of the teeth, and added gold wisps around the eyes and nose!


Products used:

Paradise AQ Paint Teal

Paradise AQ Paint Black

Paradise AQ Paint white

Paradise AQ Paint Dark Brown

Paradise AQ Paint Gold

Black Eye Shadow

Brown Eye Shadow

TAG #10 Filbert Brush

Kryvaline #3 Liner Brush

Kryolan #1 Fine Brush


PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for, spreading the message of 'Kindness is cool'

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