Snow White and The Huntsman Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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This was inspired by the new snow white movie, The evil witch turns into some sort of tar with black birds and it just streaked my artistic side, so I thought why not make a tutorial for all you lovely people out there who like to have fun with their makeup sometimes! It has so much more potential to make it your own, like adding different gems or white dots for a snow effect!

Products used:

Diamond FX Black

3/4 brush

Black Eyeliner

Snow White & the Huntsman Eye Design


1: First with your black eyeliner get your tear duct line and anywhere the paint might miss, ( upper eyelid, corner of the eyes..etc) Then with your 3/4 brush load it with your DFX Black and first just cover your main eyelid and upper and lower eyelid

2: With your 3/4 brush again take your brush and begin to make vertical lines making sure the corners of your brush are facing toward your eye and toward your hairline. Press down heavily on your brush and brush forward getting lighter in touch to make the sharp lines. Continue doing this through out the entire eye.

3: With your 3/4 brush again ( yes can you imagine only doing a whole design with only ONE brush?!…crazy eh?) Load it with ALOT DFX black make sure to not dab the access water as that is what is going to make the splatter…

NOTE: When doing Step 3 Make sure you aren’t wearing what you’ll be wearing to where ever you will be going as the splatter part can get messy! I suggest getting a large trash bag and making three access holes for arms and head should help!

Anyway back to the splatter! – you have your brush fully loaded and not dripping wet but wet enough where if you do step three as pictured and let go it will create spatter, you do that through out your eye, if you have any access where you do not want it, just take a baby wipe and wipe the part that you don’t want there off! Easy as that!

And your Done! Super fast and super cool look, can be made into so many different looks too! Feel free to add your own creation to it too! I’d LOVE to see them, just post them below and i’ll be able to see them! Don’t forget to pin, so other people can find me!

Remember as always Practice makes you better and better! No one is perfect

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