Snow White Jigsaw Makeup Tutorial by Bengal Queen

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I want to play a game… 😈 Doesn’t this apple look delicious?! 😏🍎 This dark Disney character is the combination of Snow White and Billy (Jigsaw's puppet) from the Saw movies! Learn how to create this look with a bit of makeup and face paint, then see if anyone wants to share some apple slices with you 😘

Products 🎨

😃 Liquid foundation/concealer (match your shade)

💨 Setting Powder

💖 Blush

⬛️ Black Eyeshadow

⬜️ Light Eyeshadow

👁 Black Eye Pencil 

👁 Black Mascara

💄 Red Lipstick

🔺 Red Lip Liner

⚪️ Wolfe FX White Face Paint or Diamond FX White

🔴 Global BodyArt Red Face Paint

⚫️ Wolfe FX Black Face Paint or Diamond FX Black

🔮 Finishing spray, make it last all night!


👀 Contacts: Desio "Breaking Dawn"

🖤 False Lashes: Azredo Cosmetics "Goddess"


Tools 🛠

🐡 Beauty Blender/Sponge

🖌 Powder Brush (can use for blush also)

🖌 Small Angle Brush

🖌 Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush

🖌 Fine Tip Round #4 Brush

🖌 Large Angle Brush


🔴 Ben Nye Fresh Scab Blood (on the apple 🍎)

👸🏻 Wig/Bow Purchased from the Halloween Spirit Store


Snow White Jigsaw Makeup Tutorial by Bengal Queen


🎨 Art Inspo: Andrew Tarusov; for all his social media links and store!

Music Credit:

🎵 "Shamanistic" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Alicia Quesada has been actively working in the beauty industry for more than twelve years. From training with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, to independently working with models, photographers, and stylists, she is well versed in the fast paced environment of the makeup world.

She has won numerous face painting competitions, been published in body painting magazines, and has a YouTube channel that has amassed over 1.5 million views and counting. You can almost always find her in her studio creating, running her business, and loving art!


See more of her work and interact with her here! 😃❤️🎨





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