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Special FX Alien Makeup by Stacey Perry

Welcome to my wonderful world of effects! This week I'll be showing you how to create an alien from another planet. I have affectionately named her Julie. She was a fun character to create so let's get started!

Here's what you'll need for Julie:

  1. Mehron Special Effects Bald Cap
  2. Tinsley Lil Horns Medium 3D FX
  3. Tinsley Vampire Brow Medium 3D FX
  4. Graftobian Molding Wax
  5. Graftobian Wax Sealer
  6. Mehron Neutral UltraFine Makeup Setting Powder
  7. Woochie Small Space Ear Tips
  8. Mehron Dark Brown Paradise Face
  9. Mehron Light Brown Paradise
  10. Mehron Nuance Felou (Tan) Paradise
  11. Mehron Yellow Paradise
  12. Kryvaline Metallic Blue Face Paint
  13. Mehron 8 Color INtense Pro Earth Pressed Powder Palette
  14. Mehron Light Cocoa StarBlend Cake
  15. MiKim FX AQ Matte White F1 Makeup
  16. MiKim FX AQ Matte Black F27 Makeup
  17. Bad Ass Mini Stencils - BAM1004
  18. Bad Ass Mini Stencils - BAM3003
  19. Pros-Aide Adhesive II (1 oz)
  20. Mehron Paradise Smoothie Blender
  21. Cameleon Kabuki Blending Brush
  22. Aqualon Oval Wash Filbert Brush
  23. Cameleon YC Art Big Body Brush
  24. Scarecrow Viper Split Fangs (Optional)
  25. Lashes (optional)
  26. Toothbrush (optional)



Here's how to apply:

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

We'll start by applying our bald cap. You will need to cut the bald cap to fit the head correctly. Apply Pros-aide to the bald cap and the skin. Let the Pros-aide turn clear before applying the cap to the skin.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Next, you will apply the Tinsley Transfers. Apply the Vampire brow first. Follow the instructions on your packaging to apply. Blend the edges with 99% alcohol and a q-tip.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Apply Graftobian wax to the top of each cheekbone and the tip of the nose as shown. Seal with Graftobian Wax sealer. You can make these features into any shape you like. Next, block out the eyebrows with Paradise Tan and a smoothie blender. Load your Cameleon Body brush with Mehron Setting Powder and generously powder everything.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Apply Pros-aide to the ears and ear tips. As soon as the glue has turned clear and is tacky, apply to the ears. Load your Kabuki brush with Paradise Tan and apply over the entire face. Be gently around your wax areas. You can use a filbert brush to paint the areas with wax and to get into any crevices.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Load your Smoothie Blender with Maroon and Orange from you Paradise Powder Pallet and contour the face and head. Follow up with your Cocoa Starblend to add even more contouring. Be sure to blend the colors so they flow into each other.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Alternating between your BAM stencils, add both textures on the head, sides of cheeks and neck areas using Paradise Brown, Yellow and Light Brown.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

For this part, we will be using Paradise Tan, Brown, Light Brown, Yellow and MiKim White. Using a toothbrush, add each color using a speckling technique. This will make the skin, look more realistic.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Load your Smoothie Blender with Maroon from your Mehron Powder pallet and darken around the eyes. Load your filbert brush with MiKim black and darken in the crevices.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Be sure you are applying each method to both sides of the head and don't forget the ears.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Load your smoothie blender with Kryvaline Blue and lightly add some blue dots (scales) to the face and neck. You will also add a little blue to the bottom of the ears. Apply lipstick and lashes.

Alien Special FX Makeup by Stacey Perry

Finally, add pros-aide to the horn craters and the end of each horn. As before, you will need to let the glue get tacky. You can add some color to the horns to get them some extra character. And you are done!

I hope you enjoy making your own Julie the Alien. Please be sure to share your alien with us on our Facebook page.

Until next time… Live, Love, Paint.

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for FacePaint.com. You can follow her on Instagram @thestah




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