Spooky Skull

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Spooky Skull




1. Make sure to use FDA approved face and body paints. Never use acrylic paints or paints that are not intended for use on the skin.  

2.  When you take photos while using this look, make sure to keep your mouth closed, and don’t smile! You’ll look very scary!


Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Using white face paint, and a foam sponge, cover the face by dabbing on evenly across the forehead, cheeks, skin, and framing around the hairline. You’ll want to paint around the eyes as well, and some of the nose.  To activate the facepaint, you’ll want to add water to the paint, and mix with the sponge or paintbrush.

2.  Next, using your Chisel brush, and the black face paint, create sockets for the skull by painting an outline around each eye, and filling in. 

3. Using the same brush and paint, cover the bottom of the nose completely, and stop about half way up the nose, creating a “U” shape to finish the shape.

4.  Now you’ll want to cover the mouth with black face paint, using the foam sponge. Sweep across  under the cheek bones,  and up towards the ear. Let dry.

5. Next using your chisel brush, make sure all the previous black paint, is completely removed by swishing in your water container. Pat dry.  Using the white paint, load the brush completely, and starting on the upper lip, line the brush with the tip facing up, press down firmly to create the shape of tooth, repeat across the lips, and up the side of the cheek on both sides.

6. Last step is too take the Black Starblend cake, and the eye shadow applicator and add shadow underneath the eye sockets. Blend down to fade. Add a little shading detail to the teeth as well.

A Spooky Skull! 


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