Steampunk Sugarskull Design Tutorial

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Begin with mixing the silver and gold Mehron powders in little containers.

Mix equal amount mixing liquid with the powders. I use a regular kitchen tool; a mini teaspoon measure set for spices (don’t stress over it if you don’t have one, it does not have to be that accurate just estimate the amount). Measure about 1 dash (1/8 tsp) gold powder in one container and one dash (1/8 tsp) of silver powder in the second container. Now pour 1 dash (1/8 tsp) Mixing liquid each into the containers. Mix Gold carefully with the flat brush that you are going to use; a little bit of this product goes a long way.

Start by applying the liquid gold in cloud shaped blotches on both lower cheeks, a thin layer is enough. Avoid the use of a sponge; it absorbs the paint and does not give it easily off again (waste of material).


Mix silver and fill in the negative spaces. Now make sure the metallic paint is dry and load a sponge with plenty of Wolfe black. Stencil Steampunk gear on top of the paint. The paint will not apply easily on top of the Mehron Powders so you will need some good amount of black. It does not have to be perfect it actually adds depth to the look if the edges break up a bit.


Now evenly sponge on Wolfe white in the shape of a skull. (I kept the headline slightly crooked because of the hat placement).


Then I used a smoothie blender to apply black Starblends powder on the nose, on the chin and to fill the eye socket.


With the edge of the smoothie blender I used the leftover black powder to shade the cheeks and apply little shadows where the rivet heads and stitches would be placed. Then I loaded my round brush 4 with gold to paint the upper lip and silver for the lower lip and to place rivets around the skull edges and also started with the metallic parts on the Sheriff’s tag that covers the chin.



At last I finished the tag and added some details to the rivets to add depth, cracks in the skull , and the stitches on the mouth. For all of this I used a no.1 round brush and Wolfe black only.


For the final touch I glued some Steampunk gears with Pros-Aide skin adhesive on top of the stenciled area which is completely optional but so worth it.






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