Sugar Skull Face Paint Instructions

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Sugar Skull is perfect for HallowwenSugar Skull is perfect for Halloween


  1. Have a picture of the look you wish to achieve, and keep it near you when doing the makeup
  2. Pull the hair back tightly so it stays out of the way
  3. Ensure that the face is clean and dry before applying the makeup
  4. Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


  1. Ensure you have an extra supply of tissues and cotton swabs to correct any mistakes that you make
  2. Have a damp washcloth at hand to wipe off your fingers before you do each color application
  3. Leave your lips for last to prevent smudging


Paint Colors used in this picture:


Create your palette by using a sponge to cover the whole face with white face paint, including the lips.


  1. Using your sponge apply the green face paint to the eyelids, going slightly beyond the crease
  2. Using a medium brush, outline the entire eye in blue
  3. Using a fine or medium brush (depending on the space remaining) and the red face paint, create a bumpy, petal-type outline around the blue
  4. Using the fine edge of a sponge, slightly blend the colors
  5. Use the black pencil, outline the petals


  1. Using your black pencil, draw in the spider. Center a small circle exactly between the eyes and place a larger oval on top of it, then draw the legs.
  2. Color in the body and head using the Pearl Red
  3. Take a fine brush and the black face paint to add shading and give the body some contour
  4. Use a dab of white to highlight the body and slightly blend the colors to complete the spider
  5. Use either a brush, or the pencil to draw in the web and eyebrows


  1. Starting at the center of the chin, use the black face paint to draw a fan of four tear drops, with their bases meeting just under the chin.
  2. To either side of the teardrops draw elongated squiggles that will be your leaves, have them meet under the chin at the came place as the teardrops.
  3. Color in the teardrops using the Pearl Rose
  4. Put a dab of red at the base of each teardrop and blend upwards
  5. Color the leaves in with green
  6. Using the black pencil or a fine tipped brush, add the vein detailing to the flower petals.


  1. Using a medium brush draw the outline for the tip of your nose and then color it in.
  2. Draw a line down to the lips
  3. Take a clean sponge, and apply black to both sides of the narrow end, then place it between the lips, without applying pressure to the lips, the area currently touching the sponge is the only area of the lip that needs black paint applied to it. Touch up that area as needed
  4. Draw a black line along the crease of the lips towards the corner of the mouth
  5. Continue the black line from the corner of the mouth up to the cheekbones
  6. using a fine, clean brush and feather the edges of your black lip line
  7. Draw lines across the mouth, from just above the lip, to just below to represent stitches
  8. using a combination of black and the blue, gently shade in hollows under the cheekbone line.                                              

*Note make sure to powder over the Black Mehron pencil to set and avoid smearing. Dust away excess powder with soft brush.


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