Video: Summer Reflection in Sunglasses Face Paint

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For this blog I wanted to challenge myself with something different to my usual style. It's not easy to paint your own eyes, but I'm pleased with the result.
Follow these steps to recreate a sunglasses reflection!

Product List:

Essential White by FacePaint Australia
Essential White by FacePaint Australia
Melbourne Onestroke by Global
Flat Number 12 Brush by Andrea Rich
Sea Foam by Ruby Red Facepaint
Round Number 3 Brush by Party Explosion
Short Angled 1/2 brush TFPS Pink Tips
Black Eyeshadow by NYX
DFX Professional Brushes DF-2
Pink Lipstick by GRIMAS 5- 23
Pink Wig by Watson's Wigs UK


Sunglass Reflections
  1. I began by painting a rough shape of glasses using white facepaint and a round number 5 brush by Loew-Cornell. I used white as it's easier to correct any mistakes.
  2. I originally planned to paint the glasses white, but I changed my mind to black. If I had decided this earlier I wouldn't have filled it in with white as layering paint can cause cracking.
  3. To paint the sky on my eyelids, I used my Melbourne onestroke with a number 12 flat brush by Andrea Rich.
  4. Below my lash line I painted Sea foam by Ruby Red facepaint, using a round number by brush by Loew-Cornell.
  5. I then used regular yellow by Diamond FX with a DF-2 brush to paint below the line of Sea foam so it looked like sand.
  6. I used the DF-2 brush with a black powder to add shadows to the lower parts of the glasses and also around the edges of the scene inside the lenses. I did this step again later after I changed the shape and colour of the glasses.
  7. Using a round number 5 brush and Diamond FX black I changed the shape and colour of the glasses.
  8. Next I sponged a small amount of white facepaint to some areas on my eyelids to create clouds.
  9. I then painted white highlights around the glasses using a round number 1 brush.
  10. Then using regular brown by Diamond FX and a round number 3 brush, I painted the trunk of the tree going diagonally across my eye ( and eyelid) I also added some smaller trees  in the corner of each eye.
  11. For the leaves of the trees etc I loaded a short angled 1/2 flat brush with my Borneo onestroke. I then added some details to the trees using Diamond FX black and a round number 2 brush.
  12. Using white facepaint again with the round number 1 brush I added highlights to the glasses, trees, and to create the impression of waves on the sand.
  13. Finally I added some pink lipstick by GRIMAS, used black powder with a round number 1 brush to recreate the shadows around the glasses and then added the pink wig.
I hope you enjoyed this blog/ vlog, for more of my work follow me on:
Instagram: @ carolines_face_painting
Twitter: @Carolinesfaces7

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