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Burn scars are a relatively simple way to make an impact with makeup, no prosthetics needed!

This look is actually super easy to do and yet is it very effective.

When it comes to any type of looks I really prefer realistic effect and that is easier to accomplish by using a referent photo. It is not pleasing googling photos of real burn scars but you can always take a look at how professional sfx artist did these type of scares. I decided not to use a lot of red colors but to make it look like an old scar that became light during the time.


First of all, you should block out your brows. Use a washable glue stick, apply it on hair in the hair growth direction. Few layers will be enough it is just important not to have any hair sticking out. Before it dries out put some Mehron White UltraFine Makeup Setting Powder over glue using your fingers. It doesn't have to be super smooth since we will put a lot of gelatin over that brow and cower it all. 

Use medical band-aid so make some face modification. It is easiest to do this around lips and eyelid but be careful with your eyelashes. If you blocked out your brows well you should not worry.

Recipe for homemade gelatin:

1 part honey

1 part warm water

2 parts unflavored gelatin

2 parts glycerin

Mix it all and microwave in 10-second intervals until runny. As long as you can see gelatin grains in a mixture is not ready enough. Also if you heat it too many times you will have to add one part of water again because it can completely evaporate. When harden after cooling down you can store it in a cold, dark place and use it whenever you want, just melt it.

For this look melt down your gelatin in the microwave in short intervals, as many times as you need to. (8-10 seconds). Be careful, gelatin will be hot when you melt it down so you can burn yourself! Best way to know is gelatin ready to use is to wait to get a bit thicker and try it out in a very small portion on some part of the hand. If gelatin is not to hot cover one side of the face with strikes, uneven layers. Make sure to cover band-aids properly with thick layers of gelatin. Try your best to blend out edges. If your skin surface seems to flat just pat gelatin with the stick, it will make little bumps. If gelatin hardens so you can't spread it anymore melt it again. 

Set gelatin with Mehron White UltraFine Makeup Setting Powder

Cover gelatin with Mehron Eurasia Chinios CreamBlend Stick Makeup  and blend it out. I used a darker shade foundation so the scar can stand out.

With Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8") use more water than usual and Mehron Red Paradise Face Paint, go for a watercolor effect, you should get a very thin, transparent layer of color. Use it as a shadow, so go in with brush in every deeper part of scar texture and on edges. Then with same brush use Mehron White Paradise Face Paint in the same thin layer for highlighting the highest points of scar texture. Don't do too much.

Product list:

Mehron White UltraFine Makeup Setting Powder

Mehron Red Paradise Face Paint

Mehron Eurasia Chinios CreamBlend Stick Makeup 

Mehron White Paradise Face Paint

Non-Toxic Glue stick

Homemade Gelatin (recipe below)


Blending sponge

Medical band-aid

Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8")

Wooden stick (tongue depressor or clean popsicle stick)

That is all! I hope you like it!

If you recreate this look I would like to see it. You can find me on Instagram as @cedoviste.

Love, Ana.

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