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Up until the early 90’s if you wanted to dress like a vampire, werewolf , or some other fanged ghoul your only option for monster teeth were the cheap plastic fangs found around Halloween time in the local retail shops. Suddenly out of nowhere this great new product became available in 1992 by the name of Scarecrow fangs. These were actual single fangs that would fit over your own teeth made of a quality material that resembled an actual tooth! A fitting compound was also included allowing the ability to custom fit the fang over your teeth giving the freedom to talk without sounding like you had a retainer in your mouth. Once fitted, these fangs can be popped on and off of your teeth many times before a re- fitting is needed. The ability to open your mouth wide without the fangs slipping off and the even the ability to drink something while wearing them was a huge improvement over the old store bought fangs.

I remember a couple of knock offs came out that were made from the same material as the old style fangs, and they looked like a cheap plastic fang slid over your tooth. For a kiddie costume those are fine, but for the serious horror fan you want the best of the best.

Scarecrow fangs have really stood the test of time, over 20 years later they are still at the top of the heap when it comes to consumer ready costume teeth. They didn’t just stop at cool fangs but also have buck teeth and a zombie teeth paint kit available as well as variations on the original fang design.

Scarecrow fangs in the real world.

Midwest Horror host  Billyzebubba uses Scarecrow fangs.

Midwest Horror host
Billyzebubba uses Scarecrow fangs.

Comic and Horror Cons are teaming with patrons dressed as their favorite character and you bet you can find Scarecrow fangs being used.  The photo above is horror movie host Billyzebubba showing off his custom fangs by Scarecrow. When asked why he chose Scarecrow brand over others on the market, his reply was “they are good quality, durable and easy to work with.”

On a personal note, the fact that the company continues to improve on their product with new styles of teeth like the Viper split fang and upgrading the fitting material to help make the fitting process easier makes this one of my favorite costume accessorizes.

*If you need help with the fitting process we have a video links on the fangs page of our website.

Viper fang Viper split fang.

Did I mention that when you purchase a set of their fangs they come in a sweet little coffin….how awesome is that!!!!

Actual fangs shown in photo.

Actual fangs shown in photo.


So if you find yourself in the market for some dental enhancement for your next character, give the Scarecrow products a try….I am sure you will be stuck on them.


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