Video: Tattooed Lady Sideshow Circus by Caroline Healy

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For this make-up/ bodypaint I took inspiration from the traditional tattooed ladies from the circuses and side shows of the past. Follow these steps to recreate this look.

Product list

 Ultimate GraffitiEyes Stencil Pack
 Happy Hippy Stencil 
 Argyle and Accents Booster Pack Stencils by GraffitiEyes
 Butterfly Stencil by Leà Selly
 Sugar Skull Stencil by DIVA Stencils
 White by FacePaints Australia
 Short Angled 1/2 Flat Brush 
 Eyeshadow Brush
 UV Champagne Essential Glitter Balm
 Magnetic Eyelashes
 Bronze Eyeshadow by Elisa Griffith Colormepro
 White Eyeshadow by NYX
 Brown Wig - Watson Wigs UK
 Music by Mixaund-inspire-and-motivate.mp3


Tattoed Lady

  1. I began by marking the centre point on my chest and the outline of the butterfly using Black Facepaint by Diamond FX and a round number 1 brush by Loew-Cornell.
  2. Once I was satisfied with the shape I added more details to the wings etc ( still using the same paint and brush).
  3. Next I used a 3/4 flat brush with my Blue Wren Onestroke ( Natalies Gold Collection) to paint the outer edges of the butterfly wings.
  4. Then I loaded a short flat 1/2 brush with Orange and Yellow from the Jalapeño Cake and filled in some of the inner parts of the wings. I washed my brush and reloaded it with the red and black part of the Jalapeño cake and filled in the other inner parts of the wings.
  5. Using white face paint and a round number 6 brush, I painted diagonal lines coming from my shoulders down to the butterfly. From those lines I painted triangles using black face paint and a round number 1 brush.
  6. I then painted inside each triangle using my 3/4 flat brush and Blue Wren Onestroke.
  7. I added dots around the butterfly as shading. I did this using Ultimate GraffitiEyes  number 2 stencil with black face paint and a finger dauber.
  8. Next I added highlights to the triangles and  white dots to the butterfly wings, again using my round number 6 brush.
  9. The sugar skull stencil by DIVA is one of my favourites. Definitely a must for tattoos!
  10. I used Black face paint by Diamond FX and a finger dauber for this.
  11. I loaded a clean finger dauber with white face paint to add stars and swirls around the butterfly, using my butterfly stencil by Leà Selly.
  12. I used Happy Hippie number 1 stencil by to add black hearts, music notes and larger stars to my arms.
  13. For my eye makeup, I applied bronze eyeshadow to my eyelids ( flaring out in the corners of each eye).
  14. I then used white eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone ( just below the eyebrow) and blended where the two colours met.
  15. Next I applied liquid eyeliner above and below the lash line, thickened my eyebrows, and also added mascara.
  16. Below the sugar skull I painted an anchor and on my other arm the outline of a bird using my round number 1 brush and Diamond FX black.
  17. I used my round number 5 brush with Diamond FX red to paint the breast and tail of the bird and then used a short angled 1/2 brush with Melbourne Onestroke by Global for the rest of the bird.
  18. For the double dipped flowers around the bird, I loaded my Pretty Petal brush with white face paint and Magenta by Global, adding yellow dots to the centre.
  19. I used my paradise make-up brush with Borneo Onestroke by Global for the leaves.
  20. I then outlined everything with Diamond FX black and a round number 1 brush.
  21. Below the bird, I painted a red heart with scroll and worded 'Mum' .
  22. I used a round number 5 brush for the red, round number 6 brush for white and number 1 brush for outlining and wording.
  23. I also used my round number 6 brush to paint the white needs on my necklace and then used black face paint and my round number 1 brush to outline and add shading.
  24. For the white teardrops around the butterfly, I used my number 5 brush by The facepainting shop as I find it easier to make crisp teardrops with this brush.
  25. For the teardrop below my eye I used my short angled 1/2 brush with Melbourne Onestroke. I then added a white highlight, using my number 5 brush and outlined in black using my round number 1 brush.
  26. I also added Graffiti eye stencil around both eyes.
  27. I added some magnetic eyelashes, and then to finish the look, I added Diamond FX red to my lips ( using a round number 5 brush) and UV Champagne glitter balm around my eyes and finally a long brown wig!
I hope you enjoyed this blog, for more of my work follow me on
Instagram: @carolines_face_painting

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