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Tea Time Mad Hatter Makeup

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 This lovely girl looks as if she’s ready for a date with the Mad Hatter, beautiful yet slightly askew. Let’s take a look at how you can duplicate this look.




This design will start after applying your foundation makeup.

Step 1. Apply blush starting at the top of the cheekbone and about the center of the eye using a downward stroke. As you work your way along the cheekbone, bring your downward stroke in toward the corner of the mouth.

Step 2. Using the eye shade applicator apply the red makeup under the brow. Start at the corner of the eye and apply red up under the eyebrow continuing past the corner of the eye. Leave the eyelid untouched.

Step 3. With the same applicator, run a line of red paint directly beneath the lower eye.

Step 4. Apply the blue eye shadow across the eyelid below the red; continue around the edge of the eye and partially below the eye.

Step 5. Wet the Filbert wisp brush and apply the pink face paint under the eye with light downward streaks.

Step 6. Apply the purple face paint over the pink using the same method as the previous step.

Step 7. Paint your flower by wetting the Hydra sponge and getting a generous amount of pink face paint on it, place the sponge at the side of the face wear you want the flower, press down and rotate the sponge.

Step 8. Use the small filbert brush and black face paint to detail the flower. Start at the center of the flower making an outward spiral feathering your brush stroke as you go.

Step 9. Add in the black accent line and dots with the same filbert brush.

Finishing touches: Add mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Apply lip color. An amazing hat with adornments will be the perfect topper to this make up design.

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