The Exorcist Inspired SFX Makeup

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For this blog I decided to take inspiration from a classic horror movie,
The Exorcist. Obviously this isn't a quick make-up, but it's definitely fun and worth a bit of effort! Follow these steps and create your own look.

 Product List

 Non toxic glue stick,
 Translucent powder by GRIMAS,
 Mehron Procoloring. Colors used ; Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Spanish Olive.
 Kryolan Dermacolor mini light palette
 Green food colouring and cup of water (mix)
 Kryolan fresh scratch,
 Vermilion FX Crimson blood splatter spray.



  1. Begin by preparing the gelatin. Bring a saucepan of water to boil.Meanwhile, use a sharp knife to cut the gelatin into smaller pieces and place into a bowl.Take the boiling pan of water off the heat and carefully place the bowl with gelatin inside the pan of water.
  2. Stir gelatin with a spatula until thoroughly melted (do not let the gelatin boil or burn!).
  3. Once the gelatin has liquefied, let it cool to a safe temperature before applying to the skin!
  4. While the gelatin is cooling, you can prepare the face by protecting the eyebrows. To do this, cover all hair with a thick layer of non toxic glue stick, cover with a generous amount of translucent powder ( any powder is fine for this). Repeat this process until you are completely satisfied that all hair is safely covered.
  5. Now you are ready to start building up the layers of gelatin to the face and neck.
  6. I concentrated on building up the eyebrow, forehead and cheek areas.I also built up the nose and made some 'cuts' to the neck. I used some pictures from the original film for reference throughout this makeup design.
  7. I used a round number 3 brush loaded with 'Bloody Rose' from Mehron Procoloring. This also gave the gelatin time to set, helping me to continue to build easier. Remember you can reheat/ remelt the gelatin.
  8. Next, I used a sculpting tool to pull the gelatin away from the skin inside the cuts created.
  9. Once the gelatin is set ( and you are happy with what you have created), apply a layer of translucent powder over the top of it all to set it and stop it from feeling sticky. I used a 3/4 flat brush, but a powder brush would be better!
  10. I sponged 'Midnight sky' from Procoloring around my eyes, over parts of the prosthetic and to my neck and chest. I like to use dark colors first as the get into the fine cracks of the prosthetic, creating details.
  11. I continued to use a sponge to apply 'Spanish olive' ( Mehron procoloring) to areas of the forehead, cheeks and neck.
  12. Next, I loaded a make-up sponge with with the lightest skin tone from Kryolan Dermacolor palette and applied over the face and neck, blending with the colors already applied.
  13. Using the 'Bloody Rose' again with the same brush as before (#3) I filled in the cuts created and then painted below my eyes and the eyelids.
  14. I used Diamond FX regular brown with a sponge to paint my hair - I did this as it made my hair look messier than using a wig.
  15. For the 'vomit' I mixed lime green food coloring with a glass of water.
  16. I added Kryolan fresh scratch inside the wounds and also around my mouth and nose, I used a number 1 round brush and also a sculpting tool for this.
  17. Using the round number 1 brush again, I dropped the food coloring mixture around my mouth and neck. I also took a sip and let it drop from my mouth so it looked more realistic.
  18. Finally I sprayed Vermilion FX Crimson blood splatter spray on my hand and added it to the wounds/ cuts using a number 1 round brush, I also sprayed it in my hair and on my chest and dress.
I hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more of my work! You can also follow me on:

Instagram: @carolines_face_painting

Facebook: Carolines Face Painting

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