The Ripper

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The Ripper


This makeup design was inspired by the stories of Jack the Ripper, a maniacal killer lurking the streets of the Whitechaple district London in 1888.

This is a versatile makeup that could be transposed to a Mr. Hyde or Victorian Vampire with ease. The steps are very basic with only a few products to deal with. Let’s take a look at how you can create this design to suit your taste.


Graftobain Pro paint=Beige

Graftobain Pro paint=Black

Mehron eyeliner black

Ben Nye shimmer powder= Black



Hydra foam sponge (cut in half)

Complexion Brush

Eyebrow bush

How to:


Step 1. With damp hydra sponge, load with beige makeup and apply foundation to entire area of face that will show.


Step 2. Use black eyeliner to darken eye socket area.



Step 3. Blend in the black eyeliner with finger to soften lines.


Step 4. Add contour lines along brow, in between eyes and along the side of nose. Using the same finger blending method. Also add eyeliner to lower eyelid.


Step 5. With contour brush and black powder, apply shadowing to cheek area. Start with complexion brush at the bottom of cheek bone and move brush up and out toward ear.


Step 6. Gently use downward brush stroke to fill in lower cheek area, This will give a nice gaunt look to the cheek area.


Step 5. Wet eyebrow brush; collect black makeup and brush into eyebrows and facial hair if needed. This was done in our tutorial to match black week that will be used.


Very simple, the makeup portion is complete. If you wish, you can add fangs to make your look even creepier. Follow the instructions that come with the fake teeth to ensure proper fit. Find a costume to finish the look.

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