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It so happened that yesterday i was booked for a Halloween event where we only had adults to paint.

Something important i learnt from this gig – Adults like something very small painted on their face, unless they’re going all out for a costume party.
Considering it was a weekday and not even the actual Halloween day, everyone had to wash the paint off for the next working day so no one wanted full coverage.

I was a bit unsure of what small designs to do, when every person wanted something Halloween related, but different. So I’ve decided to do a couple of simple 3 step tutorials on small Halloween designs that you can paint for adults or children, and anywhere from the cheek, hands or near the eye.

For this Third Eyeball, you will need the following products-


1.Snazaroo Black

2.Diamond FX White

3.Snazaroo Bright Red

4.Snazaroo Dark Blue

5.Snazaroo Turquoise


1.Majestic Round Brush-#3

2.Aqualon Brush-#1


Taking your Majestic #3 brush, paint on a perfect circle in white and then another small circle inside it. Now fill in the space between both the circles with white while making sure to leave out the centre space for the small circle.



Taking your #1 brush, load it with Snazaroo turquoise and fill in the empty space you left in the design.
Now continuing with the same brush, wash it and load it with dark blue and outline the light blue circle you have just painted.



Continuing with your #1 brush, load it with Snazaroo red, and trace wiggly lines in random order, around the eyeball (only on the white part). This is to try to recreate the tiny veins on the eyeball.



Taking your #1 brush, load it with snazaroo black, and paint on an even smaller black circle in the centre of your eyeball. Switch to dark blue paint and paint on little lines starting from the outline of the eyeball , going inwards. Once you’ve noticed the black circle has dried, load your #1 with white face paint and paint on two even smaller dots on the right corner of the black circle. Ensure that the top white dot is slightly larger than the bottom white dot.


And you’re good to go !:) a quick ,simple 4 step Eyeball !!!

Great for events where you have a long queue , adults who would like a small Halloween like tattoo and kids who are too young to sit still for a full face paint.

Happy Painting !:)

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