Tinsley Transfer Effects - Zipper Face

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Tinsley Transfer Effects - Zipper Face


Tinsley Transfer Effects - Horns

Got a hot date for a costume party and you need an awesome make up that’s easy to do? Tinsley Transfers are just the product to help anyone achieve that Hollywood horror makeover with a few simple steps. Above are featured the Tinsley horns and yes they really are 3 dimensional.

This product was designed for the 2001 film Pearl Harbor by makeup artist Christian Tinsley. There were 40 some extras who needed to have advanced wound makeup applied daily and time was certainly a concern. Christian developed this new type of makeup that could be applied quickly and remain consistent, thus paving the way for the Tinsley 3D Transfers.

Can anyone apply these? This is one of the easiest makeup applications one could find on the market today, if you have ever used temporary tattoos you should have no trouble with these transfers.

What tools do you need? For most of the kits you need only a pair of scissors, water and a sponge or washcloth. Stage blood is also a good addition.

*Tinsley Transfers are also latex free and need no extra adhesive for application.

Take a look at how we applied the Tinsley Zipper effect.

Step 1. After opening the package, peel the wound from the storage card and turn over face down on the card.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 1

Step 2. Take care to smooth out air bubbles working from the center to the edge.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 2

Step 3. If you want to have a guideline when transferring to the skin, hold the card up to a light and trace a line of the scar.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 3


Step 4. Cut out the portion of the scar to be applied.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 4

Step 5. Peel away the clear plastic layer.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face

Step 6. Press transfer to desired area.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 6

Step 7. Saturate backing with damp sponge or cloth.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 7

Step 8. Pull off backing and the scar is set. If you have any lifted edges, wet your finger and smooth them out.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 8

Step 9. Add stage blood with cotton swab to finish the look.
Tinsley Transfer Zipper Face 9

In just a few short minutes you have a terrific looking scar!

*Clean up is even faster, peel scar off like a bandage and wash off stage blood with soap and water. If you have any residue, makeup remover will do the trick.

I’m sure you will enjoy using Tinsley Transfers for your next makeup effect.

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