Zombie Smile with Mehron Tooth F/X

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Zombie Smile
Zombie smile courtesy of Mehron Nicotine and Black Tooth X


Colored tooth enamel has been on the market for years but one could usually find just black or perhaps a brownish decay shade. Today we find a variety of colors including gold and blood red opening up the doors for new creative ways to turn your smile into a dentists nightmare.

How does it work? Well simply enough you paint the product over your teeth with the brush attached to the cap, allow it to dry and viola you have some pretty disgusting choppers.

A closer look will show the progression. We only worked on a couple of teeth to fully show the contrast of colored and non colored teeth.

*You want to make sure you brush your teeth well prior to application.

With a cotton ball or napkin dry your teeth, paint will not work over saliva.

Tooth FX - Dry Teeth

Paint on the desired color allowing a moment for paint to dry.

Tooth FX Nicotine


You can conclude at the first color or continue with an accent shade.

Above we used the Mehron Ncotine first and then the Ben Nye Decay Brown to rot the edges more.

As with any makeup used for the first time it is best to test a small area to see how it will react to your subject. This product may stain dental work.

For sanitary reasons if you wish to use this product on more than one person, pour the paint on to a palette and use a clean brush to apply, not the brush you would stick back into the bottle.

With so many colors available including Ben Nye Zombie Rot Green you add a whole new meaning to tooth decay.

But wait there’s more!

You can even color your nails with this paint to give them a cool creature look. I used the nicotine, brown decay and blood red to color some extra long artificial nails making some nasty looking claws.

Tooth FX on Fingernails

Take a look at the other tooth effects available on our site and see what mischief you can dream up.

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