Tutankhamun SFX Face Paint Video by Caroline Healy

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For this blog I really wanted to challenge myself and try a Tutankhamun inspired death mask. Follow these steps to create you own version!

Product List

FancyEyes One Stroke, by Leanne's tropical collection ( purple, pink and white oy)
Large Piece of Gold Card
Scissors and Ruler
CURE50 Rainbow Cake by Tag ( only used the light and dark blue as a onestoke)
Seabreeze Onestoke by Diamond FX
Finger Dauber (for pupils of painted eyes)
Double Sided Medical Tape
Lots of Hair Grips
0.5 Liner Brush by Pink Tips


  1. I began by cutting a gold piece of card into the shape of a Isosceles trapezoid ( this is the back part of the head dress).
  2. I then marked out 2cm spaces down both sides of the card and joined them up so I had equally spaced lines.
  3. Next I painted every other line Dark blue by Diamond FX, using a medium firm angled brush by Bolt brushes.
  4. Using Diamond FX white facepaint and a round number 5 brush I began to mark out where the head dress would fall on my shoulders.
  5. I continued to use Diamond FX white with the same brush to plan the basic shape of the design on my chest and also marked out where the head dress would be on my forehead. I then painted my eyelids where I wanted Tutankhamun eyes to be.
  6. After checking my lines against the card again, I realized that I needed to correct the area on my shoulders so the head dress would flow better.
  7. I then painted the horizontal stripes on my shoulders dark blue to match those on the cardboard head dress, again using the same flat bolt brush.
  8. Next I loaded the same medium angled brush with the dark and light blue from  CURE50 cake and began to build up the beaded areas on my chest.
  9. For the rest of the beadwork on my chest area I continued to used the same brush, using Seabreeze onestoke for the lighter blue and Fancy eyes onestoke ( only picking up the purple, pink and white side of this onestoke)
  10. After mixing the gold pigment powder with the liquid I then painted my face, hair, sides of neck, shoulder panels and also in between the blue stripes which form the head dress.
  11. For the larger areas, like my face and hair I used a kabuki brush and then a round number 6 brush for smaller parts.
  12. For the platted beard I used Seabreeze onestoke again with the bolt brush.
  13. I then outlined the painted eyes, and details on my chest using black facepaint and a round number 1 brush. I loaded a finger dauber also with black facepaint and used this to create the pupils in the painted eyes ( I also added white highlights to the eyes).
  14. To add highlights to the beaded areas I loaded a liner brush with white facepaint.
  15. I applied black facepaint with a sponge to my arms and below the design so that it would be invisible in the final pictures and then added shadows using a black powder and dry brush.
  16. To attach the cardboard part of the head dress, I used alot of double sided medical tape and also hair grips.
  17. Finally I painted the rest of the head dress on my forehead, coming into my hair so it would blend, using the dark blue and Bolt brush again.
I hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more!
You can also see more of my work on:
Instagram: @carolines_face_painting

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