Vamp Zombie Design Tutorial

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Vampire Zombie Makeup


Wolfe FX Black or Diamond FX Black

Diamond FX Metallic Violet

Mehron Metallic Powders in Bronze, Lavender, and Silver

Mehron Mixing Liquid (metallic powders)

Mehron Starblend Cake Makeup in Black, Grey, White

Pressed Powder Makeup Dark Brown

Unused paint lid or any wide shallow container to mix the Mehron powders

Mini teaspoon measuring set (pinch 1/16 tsp. dash 1/8 tsp)

Diamond FX Skins Palette (or alternatively a very pale concealer)

Always Wicked Half Round Sponge

Foam Tip Applicators

Round brushes size 1 and 3

Tooth FX Paint Black

“Dragon eye” center piece (I used a puppet eye but any pretty big jewel will do)

Several small jewels (I used 3 blood red, one dark red and 4 iridescent ones)

Pros-Aide Adhesive

Black Eyeliner

Elmer’s school glue stick

Loose or compact body powder


Begin with the coverage of your eyebrows. Comb your brows in the direction of their growth. Coat them in a layer of body powder. Now apply a layer of glue. Apply powder again until it is not sticky anymore (repeat 2-3 times until your brows are blended in and the surface feel smooth, last coat must be powder)

With a sponge apply flesh colored paint all over your face including your lips (choose the most pale tone of your palette. Making sure your natural eyebrows are well covered.

Now paint or stencil on dramatic black eyebrows. For best results arch one eyebrow more than the other. Place a mark for your eyeliner wing, you want the wing to be fairly wide and exaggerated.

Vampire Zombie Makeup          Vampire Zombie Makeup

With the corner of the same sponge dab on Diamond FX metallic violet in a big oval, covering the whole eye socket. Be careful not to pick up too much violet paint and blend it good with the pale flesh color.

Now use one of the disposable applicators to paint a smoky eye with black Starblend and again blend it good towards the violet. Then use Wolfe black to draw a dramatic eye liner and bold wing. Use your usual eyeliner to tight line your eyes (painting both upper and lower waterline). Please skip this step should you not have an eyeliner; face paint is NOT intended to be used on the waterline!

As next step use an applicator to draw the shadow of your “jewelry to be” on your forehead and glue your main jewel on. I used a fair amount of Pros-Aide and also I removed a bit of the paint with a Q-tip to make it stick better cause it’s a rather heavy jewel.

Vampire Zombie Makeup

Now it’s time to mix the Mehron powders in your little container.

As tool I use a regular kitchen mini teaspoon measurement set (don’t stress over it if you don’t have one, it does not have to be that accurate just estimate the amount). Measure about 1 pinch (1/16 tsp) EACH bronze, lavender and silver powder in the container (place the powders as far apart as possible). Now pour 1-2 dash Mixing liquid in the middle of the containers (one dash is 1/8 tsp). Mix each color carefully with the round brush that you are going to use; a little bit of this product goes a long way. Having all three tones in one container is giving you the advantage of being able to blend the shades as you go. Carefully paint on the chain links and create the illusion of molded jewelry. I used the darker bronze on the hidden parts first and then silver and lavender to create texture. I used black to finish it and give it more depth.

Vampire Zombie Makeup

Vampire Zombie Makeup


Using grey for low lights and white Starblend for highlights, contour as you normally would contour your face, do not blend smooth; you want it to look unclean.

Now use the edge of a disposable applicator and grey Starblend to create fines lines just like a natural rosacea. Draw subtle lines around the eyes and on the temples for deep veins. You can create more definition on those veins with a no.1 round brush and very watery Diamond FX metallic violet face paint.

Vampire Zombie Makeup


With grey Starblend you give the lips a touch of “color” (apply only on the inner third). Deepen the natural wrinkles with watery black face paint.

Flare your lips and dab your teeth dry with a paper towel. Paint black tooth FX paint onto the tips of your teeth to create the impression of rotten teeth. Try to not follow a pattern.

Vampire Zombie Makeup          Vampire Zombie Makeup


While you wait for the paint on your teeth to dry you might want to rub some of the black and grey Starblend on your fingertips to complete the look.

Even though I decided not to do it, black polished nails would flatter the look; remember it’s a posh zombie.

Vampire Zombie Makeup

Vampire Zombie Makeup

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