Vampire Tribal Mask Tutorial

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Global face paint, dark blue

Mamma Clown glitter black rainbow

round brush size 4, such as Mark Reid

any white facepaint

Scarecrow custom fangs

optional; false lashes




At least one day before you actually paint you must custom fit your Scarecrow vampire fangs. I won’t bore you with written instructions (as the kit comes with them) but I do recommend watching this instructional video;


Sit in front of your mirror and study your face. With the help of my schematic placed red lines, I would like you to place white dots (see photo) . You can use any leftover white facepaint for this (only draw the white dots, not the red lines)


Start with the focal at the very end of your nose, then follow up to the root of your nose to the focal point between your eyebrows.  From this focal point you imagine a “V” up to your hair line and divide this line into 3 equally long parts, place a white dot for the end of the first 2 end points of the partial lines. Place one white dot along your eye socket about a third of your eye measured from your inner eye corner on both eyes.

Now place a dot horizontally on the same height all the way to the side, about half an inch to your hairline, another one from there straight down ¾ of am inch and then draw an imaginary curve up to the outer “V” point and about 2/3 up the curve is your last focal point (repeat these 3 dots on the other side of the face) Now you are ready to go.

You will have to look closely at the step by step photos, because it is too difficult to explain every line, but I will help with some written remarks to get to the finished bat.

Activate your Global Dark blue facepaint and load your Mark Reid Round brush #4. You will do everything with the same brush. Try to cover the white dots you place or dab them white a wet wipe before you start painting to make them less obvious.

Start with a straight line along your nose. Repeat all following steps on the other side of your face right away, this way it will be easier to stay symmetric. Then paint two swirls into your eyebrow for a fierce look. Combine the eyebrows and the line with another swirl. Place three tiny teardrops towards the last set white focal point. Then focus at the very end of your eyebrow swirl and paint a line from the triple teardrops down and end with a small swirl up.

Add the marks like shown in the picture on the tip of the nose and paint a long line down along your hairline from the triple teardrops via one focal point towards the last focal point. Paint a tiny teardrop under your eye, focusing from the middle of your eye to the tip of your nose. From There paint a “connecting” line to the middle of the triple teardrops. Reload paint as you go.

From the imaginary focal point where your lower eye line would meet your brow, paint down a teardrop to almost go parallel with the teardrop under your eye. From there “connect” with another teardrop up to the triple teardrop. Paint the other lines and swirls accordingly to the photo.

Add two short teardrops for the eyes of the bat. Add the bat’s ears using the inner higher white focal points at the thicker end of the teardrop and make sure that all following lines have a tendency to shape a “V”.

Follow my photos for a close copy of the design. As long as there is symmetry to your other side of the face there will be no mistake visible even if you change the pattern. Make sure that you add the little thorns at the end of the wings for a fierce look.

Then go ahead and use the small side of an applicator or a Q-Tip to add black glitter to the thickest parts of every line.


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