Horrifying Wendigo Makeup by Grimm Huneke

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Hello! Here is a simple Wendigo Makeup that you could do if you wanted a more spooky vibe for your Halloween outing! 


First Step: Apply a white face paint base, I personally used Mehron Clown White greasepaint. I applied it with a wet beauty blender and blended it out until the base is smooth with no creases. Then I set the white face paint with baby powder and a big fluffy brush until it doesn't feel sticky. 


Second Step: Take a dark red eyeshadow and blend it all around your eyelid and under the eye. 


Step Three: Take a darker red eyeshadow and focus it more on the inner eyelid and bring it down slightly on the lid. 


Step Four: Put black eyeliner on top and bottom waterline. Then take a fluffy brush with a brown eyeshadow and blend it on the upper and bottom lip. Next, take a pointed angled brush and fill in your eyebrow in the shape you would like. 


Step Five: Take a small brush and white face paint and make small lines under your eye. Next then take the red face paint and draw small lines under the white lines.


Step Six: Take a blending brush with a dark brown eyeshadow and counter your face, make sure to make your cheeks extremely sharp and your forehead dark. Then take Mehron blood paste in the mouth sides and a cut on your forehead with some of the blood also. 


Step Seven: Take a red eyeshadow and make 4 circles on your face, it is an outline for where to place your teeth. Then apply some extra blood on the side of your mouth. 


Final Step: Add teeth on the four dots and add some blood around the teeth. Then add any other accessories you would like and you are finished! 


Grimm has always loved the artistic things in life, having a certification from Faces Etc of Mn they have learned to love the makeup field in every way. 

More work by Grimm: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ghoulfang

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