Werewolf Face Design by Ana Cedoviste

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Let's learn how to do a very effective but yet easy werewolf design! Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to do a werewolf Halloween makeup look, or create your own unique design!

Step 1

I used a few werewolf designs as reference photos and sketched out the main lines. I decided to paint the ears on the forehead but you can make a pair and in that case paint your entire forehead.

Step 2

Using Kraze FX Split Cake Shark I made a base color. I mixed black in grey from the pan for all areas except the area around the eyes. Around the eyes, I used a mixture of grey and white from this pan. 

Step 3

Using Kraze FX in Black  I added outlines with more depth around eyes and nose area. With Kraze FX in White, I painted the teeth. 

Step 4

Using Kraze FX in Black  I painted the inner mouth area and nose. With a mixture of colors from Kraze FX Split Cake Sundown (except purple) I painted gums and the inner part of ears.

Step 5

At the end with Kraze FX in Black I added some texture in the under-eye area and one more layer of fur under cheeks. And that is all!

I hope you like it!

Love, Ana. 

Products Used:

Kraze FX Split Cake Shark

Kraze FX Split Cake Sundown

Kraze FX in Black

Kraze FX in White


My name is Ana but on social media I use the nickname "Cedoviste," which is a combination of two words in my language: čedo (kid, child) and čudoviše (monster), and I really am monster kid - creative, silly, cheerful but also strange, creepy and scary.

I am a self-taught artist living in Montenegro, a very, very small country on the Balkans (former Yugoslavia) with around 660.000 citizens. It is very rare for people here to do body art professionally, so I work a full time job in HR and body art is my hobby that takes time as much as full time job. :D

My favorite type of expression illusion makeup body art. I just love making illusions and seeing people's reactions. I also enjoy creating different characters that are just perfect for Halloween season.

To see more of Cedoviste's amazing art, visit her Instagram

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