White Lace Glove Makeup by Caroline Healy

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White Lace Glove Makeup by Caroline Healy

White Lace is so elegant and looks great in the summer on tanned skin, perfect for any occasion. Follow these steps to paint your own lace glove design!


White Lace Glove Makeup Step 1
Begin by marking out of the centre of hand and arm with dots spaced every few inches, using a Round Number 1 Brush and White Facepaint. This will take some practice, and depend on the size of the arm. You can use the same brush for the whole design.

Next link up the dots with teardrops and swirls to make a shape like a diamond.

White Lace Glove Makeup Step 2
Continue to use the central dots as a guide and add flowers.


White Lace Glove Makeup Step 3
Add teardrops around the lower "V" shape and also coming from the centre flower on the hand. Then add leaves around flowers and on fingers.


White Lace Glove Makeup Step 4
Keep building the design by adding swirls and teardrops. You can also fill spaces with dots, just have fun with it!

White Lace Glove Makeup Step 5
Once you are satisfied with your design, you can begin linking up the teardrops and flowers etc. You can continue with the round number 1 brush like I did, or a liner brush or 0.5.

These lines need to be thin, as you want the to appear as stitches holding the lace together.

White Lace Glove Makeup Step 6
Clean your brush thoroughly and dry with a towel so it's still slightly damp and load with Black Powder, now add shadows below until you are satisfied.

White Lace Glove Makeup
Finally reload a number 1 brush with Diamond FX white and add highlights where needed.

This design would also work well if you added glitter or gems, very beautiful at a wedding!

Product List

Diamond FX White Facepaint
Loew-Cornell Round Number 1 Brush
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Black Powder

I hope you found this blog useful for more of my work follow me on Instagram carolines_face_painting or Caroline's face painting on Facebook.

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