Grinning Witch by Caroline Healy

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This scary witch makeup brings the creepy! Holding a brain and grinning a toothy grin, this witch is clearly cooking up something evil for dinner.


Products used:

Non toxic glue stick

Transparent Setting Powder

Powder Brush

Liquid Latex

Low Density Makeup Sponge

Superstar Camo Green (041)
  Substitutions: PXP Lime Green, Ben Nye MagicCake Lime

Black and Purple Powders from Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette

Diamond FX Back

Diamond FX White

Diamond FX Neon Green

Cameleon Red Berry

Loew-Cornell Gold Grip Round Brushes #3, #5, #6

Paint Pal Swirl Brush #1


Witch by Caroline Healy Begin by covering the eyebrows with a layer of no toxic stick glue, then use a powder brush to apply a layer of translucent powder. Repeat this process several times until the eyebrows are completely covered and a good surface to paint over.

Then add some liquid latex around the eyes. This will create more wrinkles, but this step is not essential.

Use a sponge to apply a green base to face and chest.


Witch by Caroline Healy Shade down the sides of the nose, then around the eyes, mouth and under cheekbones using a black powder.


Witch by Caroline Healy


Witch by Caroline Healy Next paint the eyelids white and then green circles in the centre of each eye.

Use a number 3 round brush and black Diamond FX to create high evil looking eyebrows. Then outline the eyes and paint in lashes and wrinkles. 


Witch by Caroline Healy Add purple eye shadow above the painted eyes and on cheekbones


Witch by Caroline Healy

Add highlights above black wrinkle lines, eyebrows and in the centre of each eye using a number 5 round brush  and Diamond FX white. Then using the same brush, paint in teeth.


Witch by Caroline Healy Using  a number 6 brush, paint around the teeth with Cameleon red berry to create the mouth shape. Then outline it all in black using a number 1 brush.

Again using the same red and brush, paint the cuts on neck and chest. Then outline in black using a number 1 brush.

I decided to change the eyes at this point, as I felt they looked too pretty! So I used the same red to paint above and also below the eyes.

I also chose to use red as it is the complementary colour to green, so therefore will make the design look better.


Witch by Caroline Healy Model Jacci Anderson is holding a brain, which I made previously using a craft mould that I filled with liquid latex and tissue. Once dry, I painted it using ruby red paint and added some VERMILLION FX crimson runny blood.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step witch makeup tutorial. There's more make-up to come!


My name is Caroline Healy I set up Carolines facepainting in Essex, UK around three years ago, and since then it has gone from strength to strength! My favourite make-up styles is gory, so I was really excited to be asked to do some blogs for

Instagram: @carolines_face_painting/

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