Working with Crepe Hair Part I

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Crepe hair is a great utility item in the world of makeup and is definitely worth learning the techniques needed to make it look realistic. Crepe hair can be used for adding facial or other body hair directly on a person or applied to a bald cap or other appliances. Most crepe hair is sold in braid form and needs to be prepped before application.

We are going to cover this topic in two separate articles; the first is the prep work and second is the application.

Before you start:

*Select a main hair color that best suits the subject and also any complimentary shades to be used for highlights; this will give a more realistic look to the end result.

*Note that crepe hair will actually stretch nearly double its original length from braid to final prep stage.

* First experiment by stretching the braid from the bottom before you start cutting it for a project. This will help you determine the length you wish to cut for the project at hand.


*Having the piece too long is okay as you can trim it to the desired length later.

Tools: Iron, ironing board, metal hair clip and a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 1. Select the color or colors of crepe hair to be used and cut to desired length. At this time also remove the string that is holding the braid in place.

Step 1.

Step 1.

Step 2. Begin to separate the braid and flatten, this will aid in the straightening process as you iron.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Step 3. I like to use a hair clip to hold one end of the braid before ironing, not only does this hold the crepe hair in place but helps to avoid burning your fingers.

Step 3. Have iron selected to rayon or polyester setting and you will want to use steam mode.

Step 4. Start at the clipped end of the braid and begin to iron toward opposite end of hair segment.

Step 4.

Step 4.

Step 5. You will want to pull and flatten hair between ironing steps, this is important to get the waves out of the hair.

Step 6. When you are satisfied with the look of your piece of hair, move the clip to the opposite end and straighten the formerly clipped end.

Step 7. Repeat these steps with all shades of hair for the project. Prep all of the hair for your project prior to application.

Step 7.

Step 7.


Step 8. Separate strands of hair from both shades and blend them together.

Step 8.

Step 8.

* When you look closely at a person’s hair, notice the hair has highlights; this is why we chose two shades of crepe hair. Blending them together makes the effect more realistic.

With the prep work complete you are ready to learn the application techniques in our next article.



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