Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Xmas Eye Makeup Tutorial

This is a great design for a pleasant evening out or a Christmas party, and this is actually everyday where! You do have the option for the snow flakes, I just love my stencils!

Items used:

Black, Red, and White Mehron Starblend

Black Eyeliner

Mica Powder (optional of course)

Small Filbert Brush

Medium Flat Brush

Round #4 Brush

Diamond FX White

Half Ass Stencil ( these are literally half the size of the regular so their smaller great for eyelids!)




1: With a filbert makeup brush load it with your Starblend red and outline your lid to the middle.

Note: (Please do not wash your brush to load it back with another color, just flick it with your finger or wipe it on a towel, it will not blend well if wet)

2: Outline your eye with your black eyeliner, don’t forget the tear duct( this helps with darkening of the entire eye area.

3: Take one of your existing brushes and place it in a diagonal line where the corner of your eye starts, make sure not to aim it to high you want it to blend with the corner of your eye outward.

4: With an angle brush load it with your Starblend black and trace the brush handle in step 3, then without moving the handle grab your filbert brush loaded with black and gently blend it in with the red.

5: Take your Filbert brush again and load it with White Starblend, and highlight underneath your eyebrow, don’t be afraid to mix in a little red Starblend to even it out.

6: ( optional of course) take your Mica Powder with a brush you don’t use much and gently tap on the brush for access powder, add it to the entire eyelid for a shimmer effect.

7: (also optional)At the corner of your and with your angled brush make an additional white and red line to incorporate the colors in the corner, if you are not good with straight lines i suggest repeating with small stroke at step 3&4.

8: With a #4 Brush and DFX white loaded to the brush, make small and medium sized dots for a snow like effect.

Final Step: Take your Snowflake stencil of your choosing place it on your eyelid and with a dauber or sponge dab it on the Starblend (what I chose to do) or DFX white( more vibrant color) and dab very lightly on it not to get additional paint or access white on any other surface of your face as these stencil can be quite small.

You are finished congratulations! Feel free to share your inspirational looks with me from this tutorial! don’t forget to Pin and like us on Facebook!

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