Zebra Design Makeup Tutorial

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I’ll be doing 4 animal inspired tutorials, and then it’s on to Valentines Tutorials!! so excited! I always see little girls with zebras and then the mom always says it’s to much for me, well here we are ladies! a Perfect sized zebra that can be everyday wear!

Items Used:

StarBlend White & Black

DFX Black

Black Eyeliner

False Eyelashes(optional)

#2 Round Brush

Makeup Brushes



1: Take a filbert makeup brush ( filberts are my favorite but you dont necessarily have to have that brush) and in a circular motion cover the corner of your eye to the entire lid making a slight slant at the end of your eye up to your brow.

2: Take your black eye liner and cover your lids.

3: Now take your #2 brush and load it with DFX black, This is the tricky part and it took the longest for me to practice and get it right. You lightly make a line and then abruptly press down and then let up again. you do this multiple times.

4: Add your dots with the same brush in step 3.

5: Now (optional of course) add your False Eyelashes!

And you are finished with your adult like zebra design! These are great for when the mother wants to join in! Their also great for everyday wear as it’s not overbearing like some designs. this is simple straight to the point zebra stripes!

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