Half Face Zipper Halloween Makeup by Caroline

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There are so many zipper face photos online I thought I would put my twist on an old but popular design. Featuring model Ruby Anderson.

Products used:

Two 8-12 inch Zippers

Cotton Swabs

Spirit Gum

Liquid Latex

Tissue Paper

Blood Red from the Diamond FX Monster Palette 

Kryolan Zombie Cream Color Circle

Non Toxic Glue Stick

Transparent Setting Powder

Mehron Cream Foundation

Powder Brush

Elisa Griffiths Color Me Pro Palette

Black Eyeliner and Mascara

Diamond FX White

Diamond FX Black 

Diamond FX Light Blue (or appropriate eye color)

Sculpting Tools

Vermillion FX Wound Filler Gel - Scratch
    Substitute with Mehron FX Gel

Stipple Sponge

Loew-Cornell Gold Grip Round Brush #5

Vermillion FX crimson runny blood
    Substitute with Stage Blood, or Splatter Blood

Grimas Kryolan Dirt Paste


Begin by cutting the zips to size and trimming the excess fabric from the sides.Use spirit gum to attach the zips to the eye and mouth area. Make sure you avoid the eyebrows! You will need to hold the zipper for a few minutes until it is secure.

Apply liquid latex and layers of tissue until the edges of the zips are covered. This will also help to secure the zips to the face more. Zipper Face Step 2 by Caroline Healy



Paint inside the zips with the Blood Red from the Diamond FX Palette and then once the latex is dry, sponge over with a Brown Cream from the Colour Ring. Make sure the brown gets into any cracks or rough areas of latex as this adds a more detailed effect.

Next apply a cream foundation which matches skin tone to the other side of the face and then over all latex areas around zips.Zipper Face Step 3 by Caroline Healy



Use a Glue Stick over the eyebrow on the fx side and then a layer of Translucent Powder, repeat this process several times to ensure the eyebrow is fully protected from any latex.

Add liquid latex to the area above of the eye, inside the zip and add some small balls of tissue paper. Then apply another layer of liquid latex inside zip areas.

While the latex dries, use Elisa Griffith Powders to create a Smokey eye. By using a silver grey to eyelids, dark grey around the socket and a white shimmer to highlight the brow bone. Then use a black eyeliner to define eyes and brows. Finally, apply mascara to top lashes.Zipper Face by Caroline Healy



Once the latex inside the zipped areas has dried, pull up parts of dried latex and add wound filler (scratch) by VERMILLION FX . Add inside zip by mouth.

Zipper Face by Caroline Healy


Paint an eye on the eyelid and outline in black, using water based facepaint by Diamond FX. 

Use Kryolan Dirt Paste Inside zips to add textures. To give the impression of puss/ tissue etc. Apply runny crimson blood to areas inside the zips using a Loew-Cornell Gold # 5 brush.

Paint in sexy red lips using Diamond FX facepaint. 

Finally use a Stipple sponge and runny crimson blood to create a more gory effect around the outside of the zips.

Zipper Face by Caroline Healy


I hope you have fun recreating this look. I'd love to see your version!
Zipper Face Final by Catherine Healy


My name is Caroline Healy I set up Carolines facepainting in Essex, UK around three years ago, and since then it has gone from strength to strength! My favourite make-up styles is gory, so I was really excited to be asked to do some blogs for HalloweenMake-up.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carolines-face-painting
Instagram: @carolines_face_painting/

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