Zombie Ghoul Friend

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Zombie Ghoul Friend

X200 - Zombie MakeupZombies come in all shapes and sizes and are an extremely versatile go-to when you need to do a last minute costume; however it can also be an extremely complex and intricate creation as well. The extent of your zombie only depends on your level of creativity and time.


  • Ensure you have an extra supply of tissues and cotton swabs to correct any mistakes that you make
  • Water based makeup must be dampened with water to activate. Practice applying makeup until you know how much water is needed.
  • Have a damp washcloth at hand to wipe off your fingers before you do each color application
  • To prevent smudging start at the top of your face and work down, and leave your lips for last.
  • Remember to blend your colors, you want the color flow to look natural (or as natural as a zombie can look)


Paint Colors used in this picture:


  1. Dabbing with a sponge, use the white paint to cover your entire face (including your eyebrows), neck and some of your hair. If your ears are not going to be covered by a hat, bandana or hair then you will also want to ‘zombify’ them, so be sure to cover them as well.
  2. Using your black pencil, apply heavy eyeliner to upper and lower lid line, if you have light eyelashes you will also want to apply a dark mascara.
  3. Using black paint or your pencil, darken in the entire upper eyelid up to the eyebrow.
  4. Create cheek hollows by sucking in your cheeks and dabbing with a lightly dampened sponge and brown paint under the cheekbones and in the eye sockets. For this particular zombie look she also created the illusion of a bump in the forehead by creating a ‘horned’ area that juts off her eyebrows. Feel along your skull and use your imagination to determine where you want to accent.
  5. To enhance your neck, take the black face paint and trace along the edges of your arteries down to your collar bone. Fill in the center, over the jugular, down to the hollow of your neck and color all exposed neck, excluding the collar bone and arteries.
  6. Use the red paint lightly under the eyes and blend it it at the edges. You can also use red at the edges of your cheeks to enhance them, and add random streaks of red to your hair.
  7. With black paint and a brush, draw a rough triangle that encircles the tip of your nose and then fill it in with brown, leaving a central circle uncolored. Then use your finger to smudge the black edge inwards towards the center of your circle. You can enhance the look by dabbing on fake blood, or mixing a little of the red into it.
  8. Using the black pencil or brush and black paint draw stripes from just above the lips to just below them to represent stitching.
  9. Use the handle of one of your brushes to apply the Thick Blood FX makeup to the forehead, cheek and nose tip of the zombie.

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