Zombie Halloween Makeup and Prosthetic Video Tutorial

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_MG_8408What other entity can be more famous than the rotting, moaning , bloody, meat-eating Zombies! So, today, let’s prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. You know how the saying goes, right? If you can’t beat them… JOIN THEM!


Supplies:  We recommend using Cinema Secrets’ Zombie Prosthetic (F0001), Graftobian ProPaint  and Graftobian FX Aire. Graftobian ProPaint:

Graftobian FX Aire

  • Navy Blue
  • Neon Violet
  • Corpse Flesh
  • Frankie Grey
  • Deep Golden Highlight


Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1Contour the prosthetic. Contour where the prosthetic will be placed by placing it on top of the face and powdering the edges with Graftobian Translucent Powder.

Contour the prosthetic Step 2. Spread the glue. Spread Pro Adhesive in the powdered area. Apply some Vaseline to the eyebrows as well.

Spread the glue Step 3. Place the prosthetic. Now, carefully place the prosthetic on the glued area. Start from the middle towards the sides.

Place the prosthetic.Step 4. Cover with Pax. Cover the prosthetic with Pax to achieve a mute skin tone to match the model’s skin – use a sponge. Pax is a combination of Pro Adhesive and acrylic.

Cover with Pax Step 5.  Powder the ZombieThen, powder the zombie prosthetic with Graftobian Translucent Powder.

Powder the Zombie. Step 6. Paint the Zombie. Load your airbrush with Corpse Flesh and paint the prosthetic to give it it’s first coat of color.

Paint the Zombie. Step 7. Give some highlights. Put some Deep Golden Highlight on the airbrush and spray highlights on the prosthetic.

Give some highlights.Step 8. Give some lowlights. Add a few drops of Black to the Deep Golden Highlight to create a dark Brown color and spray over the prosthetic to create lowlights.

_MG_8184Step 9. Create purple veins. Create veins on the prosthetic by spraying a mixture of Frankie Grey and Neon Violet.

Createpurple veinsStep 10. Create blue veins. On the Grey-Violet mixture,  add some drops of Navy Blue and spray along the veins.

Create blue veins. Step 11. Create grey veins. For grey veins, spray Frankie grey on the prosthetic.

Create grey veins Step 12. Apply darker lowlights. For some darker lowlights, mix some Black and Deep Golden Highlight and spray over several areas of the prosthetic to create shadows.

Apply darker lowlights.Step 13. Brown splatter. Give the zombie face some brown splatter by adding some Fuzzy Bear Brown on a toothbrush and flickering it on the desired areas.

Brown splatter. Step 14. Violet splatter. Repeat the same procedure, this time with Wild Violet.

_MG_8211Step 15. Yellow splatter. Repeat the same procedure, now with some Buttercup Yellow.

Step 16. White splatter. Add some more splatter with White Swan.

Step 17. Blood on the mouth.  Splatter Imperial Red around the mouth.

Blood around the mouth Step 18. Black Splatter. Splatter Raven Black around the eyes.

Black splatter Step 19. Highlight the hair. Spray some Frankie Grey on the hair as highlight.

highlight the hair Step 20. Fresh blood. To give the zombie face a “wet” effect, spray Moisture Spray around the mouth.

fresh blood

The finished product! Now, you’re ready for the zombie outbreak!


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