Zombie Hand Makeup Tutorial

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Zombie Hand Final

When getting made up as a zombie many people stop at the face and don’t consider painting the other exposed parts of your human flesh.  Mmmmmm flesh. Take it from your favourite zombie Dedd Fredd that there is nothing like going full on zombie to capture the hearts of zombie fans everywhere. Here is a quick tutorial on painting your hands to look zombified.

Tips: Always use FDA approved makeup or body paints and start with clean skin free of dirt and oils for the best application.


*Cosmetic Wedges

*Medium round brush

*Wet wipes for cleaning up mistakes

*Water to activate paints

Paints: For this demo I used Graveyard Grey*Raven Black*Buttercup Yellow and Wild Violet from the Graftobian Pro Paint line.


Step 1. Acquire a human hand.

Zombie Hand 1


Step 2. Dampen cosmetic wedge with water get liberal amount of Grey on the wedge and cover entire surface of the hand including the nails. Palms are not necessary.

Zombie Hand 2


Step 3. Use your brush and black paint to accent the lines of the knuckles. I used very little water.

Zombie Hand 3


Step 4. Same brush and black contour the fingers and hand by feathering in a black shadow edge.

Zombie Hand 4


Step 5. Lightly trace the veins with your black paint and brush, if the veins are too faint use your imagination and draw some in.

Zombie Hand 5


Step 6. Color in the cuticle edge and nail with strokes of black paint.

Zombie Hand 6


Step 7. With the violet lightly trace over your black vein lines, don’t’ be afraid to trail past the black with the violet creating smaller looking veins.

Zombie Hand 7


Step 8. Apply yellow to the nail with your brush smudging it in with the finger to give a decayed look.

Zombie Hand 8


There you have it, one zombie hand. Now you could go out in public with just one zombie hand to see how many people stare at it. Stay cool and see you next time.

Zombie Hand Final 2

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