Half Face Zombie Makeup

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Here is a easy zombie design. This is using water based makeup so the removal is simple compared to zombie make up using latex.


Diamond FX Black Face Paint
Wolfe White Face Paint
TAG Yellow Face Paint


Ben Nye Angle Contour/Rouge Brush RB-4 (5/8″)
Round Brush #1
Round Brush #3
Aqualon Filbert Brush #8 (1/4″)


1. Using the hydra sponge and the light green face paint. Pounce on an even coverage over half the face.


2. Using dark green, sponge over areas that are going to be recessed. the eye socket and the jaw line.


3.Using light blue, sponge over areas to highlight. Chin, forehead, cheekbone etc.  Using the filbert brush and the white. Add a line of teeth on the top and bottom of the lips. Add a slight bit of yellow over the white teeth.


4. Using black and the sponge, add dark over the eye socket, the jaw line and outlining the design.


5. Finally, using a small round brush, add cracks and wrinkles all over. Have some come out from the eyes, and curve around the meet the wrinkles on the forehead. Outline between each tooth. Add lines as you see fit. Now you are ready to scare someone!


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