Zombie Mouth Halloween Makeup

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Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

Who's ready to learn this quick Halloween Zombie? It's an easy peasy design that you'll love using to scare and impress all of your friends this Halloween.

Here's what you'll need to create this look:

  1. Tinsley Cheek Decay Small 3D FX
  2. Ben Nye 6 Color Master Bruise Wheel
  3. Graftobian FX Blood Paste
  4. Mehron Dark Venous Squirt Blood
  5. Mehron Stipple Sponge
  6. Majestic Round Brush #1
  7. Mehron Paradise Petal Tip Brush
  8. Mehron Complexion Powder Brush
  9. Ben Nye Neutral Color Makeup Setting Powder

Here's how to apply:

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

You are going to start with your Tinsley transfer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package. A few quick tips:

Tip1. Be careful when opening the package, you don't want the prosthetic wound to touch anything, because it can stick to just about anything and will ruin the piece.

Tip 2. Use a q-tip with 99% alcohol to blend the edges of the prosthetic while it's still on the transfer film. This will help when it's time to blend on the face.

Tip 3. Don't cut too close to the actual wound. This area is thicker and it will make it more difficult to blend seamlessly into the skin

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

The actual transfer application takes only about 30 seconds. Be sure to use your foundation brush and powder that prosthetic up before you start coloring it. You could easily sop here, but what's the fun in having a zombie mouth without adding a little blood?

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

For the next step. you be using your bruise wheel. I wanted my zombie to look pretty beat up and show the infection spreading from one side of the face to the other. So using your filbert brush and your bruise wheel, begin adding yellow, red and purple to the edge of the wound. I also gave my zombie a black eye.

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

Switch to your #1 round brush and add the dark red from your bruise wheel to the inside edges of the wound. This will add depth. Continue shading and coloring the inside of the wound.

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

You'll keep using your bruise wheel and #1 round brush and begin adding small veins that extend out of the wound and onto the face. Alternate colors between, red, purple and gray.

Next, grab your dark squirt blood and lightly add it to the wound. You can use your stipple sponge to create a natural look with the blood and even add some scratches.

Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial Special FX Stacey Perry

From here, I added the blood paste to the edges, nose, corner of the eye and ear. You don't want to put too much blood, because you want to be able to see the prosthetic piece as well.

This Halloween Special Effect is so quick and easy, you can have this ready to go in under 10 minutes or really take your time and give it some extra gore. Either way, you'll be ready to scare your unsuspecting Halloween victims this year.

I really hope you enjoy this quick and easy Halloween Make Special Effect.

Please be sure to share your zombie with us on our Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @thestah so I can see and share your results!

Until next time… Live, Love, Paint.

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for FacePaint.com. You can follow her on Instagram @thestah




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