Gothic Steampunk Princess Makeup

Gothic Steampunk Princess Makeup
Amy Liza Williams

Amy Liza Williams is based in the Smokey Mountains, but travels all over the SouthEastern United States for festivals. “I come from a Marketing background, but have a degree in Graphic Design,” explained Williams “I wanted to work outside, and I love festivals and face painting became a way for me to combine those two passions.” Amy loves to paint children, but she also paints adults in Clubs and at bigger festivals such as Wakarusa Music festival in the Ozarks. “Kids are serious about face painting,” Amy described, “they know what they want and you better give it to them. Adults are like, ‘whatever looks good.’” She loves working on both. At present one of the most popular designs for adults is a painted jersey on the skin. Featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, adults have significant numbers painted on their chest with a jersey filled in around it or sort of around it. One of William’s clients had her wedding date painted on her as a present to her husband. Whatever looks good!
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