Zombie Ghoul Friend Halloween Kit

Zombie Ghoul Friend Halloween Kit

General Tips: Apply lighter colors before applying darker colors.

Apply makeup using a brush: Moisten the brush with water and gently mix into the makeup. Then apply to face in gentle, uniform strokes.

Apply makeup using a sponge: Slightly moisten the sponge and then pick up the makeup with the damp sponge. Makeup should have a creamy consistency. Start with very less amount of water to prevent the makeup from running. For uniform, complete coverage, first put on the makeup by smearing it on face with sponge and then dabbing it evenly.

Step By Step Instructions
Contour where the prosthetic will be placed by placing it on top of the face and powdering the edges with Graftobian Translucent Powder. Spread Pro Adhesive in the powdered area. Apply some Vaseline to the eyebrows as well. Now, carefully place the prosthetic on the glue area. Start from the middle towards the sides. Blot the prosthetic with Pax to achieve a mute skin tone to match the model's skin. Use a sponge. Then, powder the zombie prosthetic with Graftobian Translucent Powder. Load your airbrush with Corpse Flesh and paint the prosthetic to give it it's first coat of color. Put some Deep Golden Highlight on the airbrush and spray highlights on the prosthetic. Add a few drops of Black to the Deep Golden Highlight to create a dark Brown color and spray over the prosthetic to create lowlights. Create veins on the prosthetic my spraying a mixture of Frankie Grey and Neon Violet. On the Grey-Violet mixture, add some drops of Navy Blue and spray along the veins. For grey veins, spray Frankie grey on the prosthetic. For some darker lowlights, mix some Black and Deep Golden Highlight and spray over several areas of the prosthetic to create shadows. Give the zombie face some brown splatter by adding some Fuzzy Bear Brown on a toothbrush and flickering it on the desired areas. Repeat the same procedure, this time with Wild Violet. Repeat the same procedure, now with some Buttercup Yellow. Add some more splatter with White Swan. Splatter Crimson Red around the mouth. Splatter Raven Black around the eyes. Spray some Frankie Grey on the hair as highlight. To give the zombie face a "wet" effect, spray Moisture Spray around the mouth.

Athena Zhe

Passionate about her art, Ukrainian born, Athena Zhe, practices body and face painting every day. "Nature inspires me, so does reality and textures, but it all goes back to nature." Most of Zhe's work is painted on professional models for advertisers in the form of promotions. She has gone from building her portfolio by working on anyone who would stand still long enough to be painted, volunteering at Athletic events and dance clubs to being continually booked by makeup companies and advertisers. Once a competitor at Body Painting conventions, she now judges them. Zhe has also appeared on reality TV shows such as "Face Off," and "Project Runway." Recently, the Taiwanese government hired her to visit Taiwan and teach artists her art of body painting. "I am fully committed to my art," added Zhe as she rushed off to another event.

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