Face Paint
Face Paints
Cameleon Face and Body Paints are heavily pigmented makeup that blend in easily and stay on comfortably. Cameleon is a preferred brand for face and body art because of its richness in color.

Available in baseline, metallic or neon colors. Metallic colors are great to add shiny accents to your makeup. Neon colors are bright under normal light and pop really well under blacklight. They are a great choice for parties, events and bowling alleys where UV/Neon lights are trendy these days.

Cameleon Palettes are an assortment of colors perfect for a variety of face painting needs. Available in a variety of 12 or 6 color combinations.

Cameleon Palettes are easy to carry and easy to access for face painters, especially when they are on the go. Perfect for festivals & fairs.

ColorBlocks & BodyBlocks
Split Cakes
Cameleon ColorBlocks contain several colors of densely pigmented face paint arranged next to each other. Split Cakes are perfect for quick and easy creation of colorful designs within minutes. BodyBlocks are larger rainbow cakes that can be used to paint over large areas of the body.

Available in several sizes such as 30 gm or 60 gm.
Cameleon is made with US FDA and EU approved ingredients, in a cruelty free manner. Cameleon face paint does not contain harmful ingredients like beewax, paraben or sulphate. Cameleon is free of perfumes and safe for use on sensitive skin.

Note: US FDA recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple facepaints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple facepaints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues.
Recommended Applicators for Face Paint
Apply with a brush or sponge.

Recommended Applicators for Split Cake
Apply with a brush or sponge. A 3/4" flat brush is recommended for 30 gm cakes and a 1" brush for 60 gm cakes.

Application of Face Paint
Dampen the applicator with a little water. Cameleon requires very less amount of water compared to other brands. Cameleon metallic colors require even less water as they are softer cakes.
Rub the water in until desired creamy consistency is reached. Global face paints tend to require more water than other brands.
Apply makeup in even strokes.
Allow the base to dry completely before starting line work.

Application of Split Cake
Dampen a brush or sponge by dipping in water. Pick up various colors and apply in one direction.

Wash off with mild soap and water. Baby wipes can also be used.