Contact Lens FAQs

***Disclaimer is not responsible for any damage due to improper or unsafe use or misuse of the product. We urge you to review all the guidelines in this page as well as follow guidelines from your medical practitioner before using contact lenses.

Contact Lens Safety
Loox Contact Lenses are FDA cleared and certified as class II medical device in Canada. They are safe for use on adults, subject to following order requirements set forth by FDA and FTC.

Ordering Requirements

FDA and FTC have guidelines on paperwork to be maintained for selling contact lenses. We follow the following processes to stay compliant.

(1) Prescription Information: During checkout you are required to fill in a form with required prescription details like Doctor's name, contact information, customer's age.

(2) Verification: Prescription information is verified with healthcare professional, where by they have a limited time window to respond back. If response is not received within this window, the prescription is considered verified and the lens can be sold to you legally.

(3) Order Shipment: After prescription verification, we will ship out the product to you. Please allow us 24 hours lead time to ship out the product. After the lead time, delivery estimates will be same as our standard products and can be seen in our cart or checkout page.

How To Apply Contact Lenses?
Click here for detailed instructional pdf
1. Wash your hands and fingers clean with soap and dry completely.

2. Inspect and clean your lens using a lens solution (not included), making sure there is not an iota or dirt or debris. Do not use if they are damaged in anyway.

3. Please make sure that lens stays soaked in lens solution for at least 2 hours for comfortable application.

3. Stand in front of a mirror. Hold your upper lid open with your left hand’s index and middle finger, at the same time hold your lower lid open with the middle finger of your right hand.

4. Blink your eyes so the lens sits in comfortably in position. If you feel comfortable, the application has been successfully done!

How to remove contact lenses?
1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

2. For comfortable removal, make your eye moist by applying eye drops into the eye.

3. Look upwards and hold down the lower lid with the middle finger of your right hand. Placing your index finger and thumb of the same hand on opposite sides of the lens, slowly slide it down to the white of your eye. Gently pinch the lens from your eye, taking care not to pinch too hard.

4. Place the lens in lens solution if it is reusable. Otherwise discard. Repeat for the other eye

Is there an age limitation on using contact lenses?
There is no legal specification of minimum age for use of contact lens. Our lenses are sized for average adults.

What is the life time for your contact lenses?
Lenses are good to use for 5 years if unopened. Once opened, they can be used for up to 90 days.

Do your contact lenses alter vision?
Lenses we carry do not alter vision and can be comfortably used on eyes.

When not to use contact lenses?
Do not use contact lenses in case eyes have any irritation or infection. Not recommended for individuals with astigmatism. A doctor's prescription is required for ordering contact lenses.

Can I return or exchange contact lenses?
We are sorry. Due to health and safety regulations and guidelines, we do not accept returns or exchanges on contact lenses. Please review all product details carefully before placing your order.