Amerikan Body Art Henna Tattoo Kit

Amerikan Body Art

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About the product
Amerikan Body Art Henna Tattoo Kit can be used to create exciting Henna style tattoos for Halloween.

What is included?
Fun Size Kit with 25 gm Henna Powder, Choice of 5 ml Lavender Oil or Signature Oil, 1 Carrot Bag, 1 Applicator

What does it do?
Use Amerikan Body Art Henna Kit to create henna paste. Includes everything except lime juice and sugar, which are recommended for the designs to last longer.

Amerikan Body Art Henna Kit comes with a bag which can also be custom decorated with Henna to create your own designer bag.

How Safe Is It?
Amerikan Body Art Henna Powder is all natural henna, without any additive. For external use only. Do not apply near eyes or on cut or bruised skin.
Mix a small amount of Henna Powder with warm water to make a paste.

Keep for about 5 hours and then apply on skin.

Let it dry completely for about 1-2 hours. Optionally apply concentrated lemon juice with sugar (not included) for the design to last longer.

Remove with soap and water.

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