Art Factory Chunky Glitter - Fiesta

Art Factory Chunky Glitter - Fiesta

Art Factory

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About the product
Art Factory Chunky Glitter is large-cut, loose polyester glitter that can be used to add glitz to Halloween Face & Body Painting.

What is included?
Chunky Glitter - Fiesta - 1 oz

What does it do?
Chunky Glitter can be applied over face paint designs while the paint is still damp. They can be applied directly on skin using a glitter glue. Another way of using chunky glitter is to mix them with a glitter gel medium and brushing on skin, using silicone glitter applicator from Art Factory.

How Safe Is It
Art Factory Chunky Glitter is made of cosmetic grade, polyester glitter, safe to use anywhere on your body including face. However, large glitter particles are not recommended for use near eyes or on young children due to choking hazard..
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