Art Factory Rainbow Crystal Body Glitter - UV Wild Pink

Art Factory Rainbow Crystal Body Glitter - UV Wild Pink

Art Factory

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About the product
Art Factory Rainbow Crystal Body Glitter is a translucent polyester glitter that can be used for adding sparkle effects over Halloween makeup, face paint or henna.

What is included?
UV Wild Pink glitter - 0.5 ounce

What does it do?
Rainbow Crystal Glitter is perfect for adding shimmer and glitter effects to your face painting design without actually blocking the design. Translucent glitter particles will reflect light to produce stunning iridescent effects. As it is translucent, Rainbow Crystal Glitter cannot be used for glitter tattoos. Check out our opaque Rainbow Jewel Body Glitter for glitter tattoos.

How safe is it?
Art Factory Glitter products are made with high quality polyester which is safe to use on face and body. Rainbow Crystal is free of any metal ingredients, making it perfectly safe for use anywhere on your body.

# of applications
0.5 ounce is good for dozens of applications, depending on use.
Recommended Applicators
Apply using finger, sponge or brush.

Can be used by itself with glitter glue or over makeup or face paint.

Clean the skin surface with rubbing alcohol and let it dry fully. Paint the design on the skin with a pen. Prior to applying glitter over the design, lightly dust the skin around the design with baby powder. This is to prevent the glitter from sticking to the skin around the design. Wipe off the powder from the design area only. Apply a very thin layer of glitter glue to the skin using a brush and allow it to dry. Poof glitter over it. Sweep off extra glitter using a brush. Wipe off powder from the skin around the design.

Alternatively, poof the glitter on to your makeup or face paint when it is still wet. Sweep off extra glitter using a brush.

Note: In case of delicate skin, test the glitter on hand before using.

Use a mild soap to loosen the glitter application. Wash off with water.
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