Bad Ass Alpha Stencils - ALBAM004 - Intergalactic

Bad Ass Alpha Stencils - ALBAM004 - Intergalactic

Bad Ass Stencils

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About the product
Bad Ass Alpha Stencils can be used for adding accented lettering details to your face paint or makeup designs. Made using laser cut technology on 7.5 mil high quality Mylar.

What is included?
8.5" x 11" Mylar Stencil with upper case letters, each about 1 inch high

What does it do?
Bad Ass Stencils can be used to add accents to anywhere in your body. They can be reused multiple times. Perfect for use with sponge, brush or airbrush.

Place the stencil on the skin. Apply makeup with a sponge or brush. Alternatively spray makeup with airbrush.

After each application, clean stencil with soap and water. Use alcohol if desired.
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