Beautysoclean Dip 'N Swirl Brush Cleaning Tin

Beautysoclean Dip 'N Swirl Brush Cleaning Tin


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About the product
BeautySoClean Dip 'N Swirl Brush Cleaning Tin can be used for professional level cleaning of face painting brushes, to keep then fresh and clean after each use.

What is included?
Stainless Steel Brush Cleaning Tin

What does it do?
BeautySoClean Stainless Steel Cleaning tin comes with a strainer and an airtight seal lid.
Fill the tin with your favorite BeautySoClean Brush Cleaner till just above the strainer.

Dip your brush in and swirl around, pressing bristles around the strainer.

Squeeze off excess water and allow to dry flat.

Repeat if needed.

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