BeautySoClean Super Clean Brush Cleaner

BeautySoClean Super Clean Brush Cleaner


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About the product
BeautySoClean Super Clean Brush Cleaner can be used for professional level cleaning of face painting brushes, to keep then fresh and clean after each use.

What is included?
Brush Cleaner - 2 fl oz / 60 ml

What does it do?
BeautySoClean Super Clean Brush Cleaner deep cleans your brushes, yet stays gentle on them and leaves them soft. Special antibacterial formula helps remove all microorganisms to keep the brush safe for next use. Super Clean's Cleaning formula is fast drying and does not leave any residue on brushes, face or makeup.

How safe is it?
Super Clean Brush Cleaner is made of natural ingredients such as oils and sea salt, which is a natural stain remover. This cleaner is made using a paraben free and vegan formula in a cruelty-free process.
Saturate your brush by spraying the cleaner.

Wipe out on a dry paper towel.

Allow to dry flat.

Repeat if needed.

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