Ben Nye Black Clown Series Creme Foundation (1 oz)

Ben Nye Black Clown Series Creme Foundation (1 oz)

Ben Nye

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About the product
Ben Nye Black Creme Foundation is an intensely pigmented creme makeup that gives superb, long lasting coverage.

What is included?
Black Creme Foundation - 1 oz

What does it do?
Ben Nye Black Creme Foundation provides a rich, creamy coverage that blends in very well with creme makeup, concealers and other FX Colors. A popular choice by professionals due to its ease of use and superior coverage.

How safe is it?
Ben Nye products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with the US FDA regulations for cosmetic products. The company is committed to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients for makeup as well as packaging.

Note: Grease Makeup is harder to remove than normal face paint. Recommended for adults and teens only. Do not use on children.

Recommended Applicators
Apply with a brush or sponge.

Clean the skin with soap and water.

Start with the lightest color and end with strongest color.

Outline areas with a grease pencil. Start filling away from the lines for crisp coverage. Overlap dark colors on light for blended look.

Smooth out the makeup with sponge or finger before applying on larger areas of one color, to achieve an even coverage.

Layer makeup for special effects.

Set with powder.

Remove immediately after your event or performance, as leaving grease makeup on unnecessarily can cause skin irritation.

Wipe away with an oil based makeup remover such as Ben Nye Quick Cleanse. Alternatively a cold cream or baby wipe can also be used.

For stronger colors, apply slightly warmed olive oil and let it soak for few minutes before wiping off.

After removing the makeup, wash with a cleanser for complete removal.

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